Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Week #5: San Diego

Hello Family!!

               It has been a great week of learning and growing here. There is so much going on and we are so busy and we love it so much! My trainer is amazing and so humble. I love her so much she just boldly states truths to people in her cute mexican accent and she knows why she is here and loves the work. She knows who she is and she loves everybody!! We work well together and we bring different ideas so help our investigators specifically! This week we went and visited a referral, his names is Kowa. Kowa became Christian last year but grew up Muslim. He made it clear to us that " I am not going to be baptized so you might as well not waste your time here, but I will listen to you if you need someone to pass the time." We kindly said, "Kowa that is great! Thank you so much, you are so nice to let us use our time in your home." We taught him the restoration and realized that he knew a lot already, but he had a ton of misconceptions about the church. We answered a lot of his questions and he agreed to read the book of mormon in order to learn more about other sects of christianity. He is so smart and knows the bible well, really well and he backs up everything with the bible. We love it! We came back to his apt. yesterday and met with him. He had read 14 chapters and we only asked him to read one. He said it surprised him how similar it was to the bible, but that it did not make sense to him. We explained a lot and our whole lesson was answering his questions. He wants to believe everything but his biggest struggle is the modern day prophet. He feels that we all can be prophets. We explained the whole structure of the church and he had the moment that clicked in his mind and he said " Wow, that makes sense, and I want that to be true. I feel like I could be compared to someone who rejected Christ and his authority in the bible because they didn't know the truth either and kept on believing what they wanted. If this is all true that means everything is true, this book of mormon, the prophet, Joseph Smith.. Everything! But if it is not true than everything is not true, Wow!" Haha it was so awesome to watch him teach himself and that he figured so much of it out on his own. He is still very skeptical, but we challenged him to listen to the words of the prophets on lds.org and he is so excited! We teach him again tomorrow and I am so excited. He is amazing and I cannot wait to continue telling him about the amazing truths we have on the earth. The Spirit was so strong in our lesson. We also met a boy last week names Cody who just randomly wandered into the institute. We had an appointment with him and he was so excited about the Book of Mormon! We texted him every day, but a few days after he let us know that he didn't care about it anymore and was leaving town. We know that Satan is working so hard on him, but we are not giving up so please pray for Cody and Kowa! We have many others that we have been teaching, and are just praying for more solid investigators. I love this work with all of my heart. I know it is true and I know it is what I need to be doing at this exact time and place. Elder Horner is in my YSA Branch! It was so weird to see him, but awesome that I get to serve in his branch. He is so funny and helps me remember to work hard as did all of the Nashville missionaries! I am so thankful for all of those missionaries that have all helped me. I also gave a tour last week to a man named Darren Scott and he is from Australia. He had his whole family there. He was taught by BJ Farnes in Australia!! Small world! He was visiting San Diego for a wedding with his family. I met them all and they are great. Another man can who knew the Henderson's in Pocatello, he was also from Australia. I am loving meeting people everyday from all over the world. I worked on the temple grounds last night and Sister Marysa Barfuss and Sister  Marnie Strasser were there!! It was so awesome to see them! It is fun to all be serving in the same mission. I hope you all know how much I love you. I know this work is what I need to be doing right now. I love being a full-time missionary. I know that the lessons I am learning every day will be essential to my whole life and to my future family. I know this gospel is true and I know that my Savior loves me so much. He did die for each one of us and we are choosing to accept him every day by each action. Thank you for your support and love. I love and pray for you. I have the best family:) Keep doing missionary work in Idaho and Wyoming and wherever else you go! Also tell Kenzie Mabey I love her and I am so happy for her!!! She is amazing!! Are all of you going to her baptism?! How exciting!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!!! Love, 

Sister McKee:) 

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