Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Week #6: San Diego

Hello Family!
                Happy Birthday to the most amazing mom in the world this week!!!! I am sad I will not be there this year, but know that I am thinking about you and that I am so lucky to have you as my mom! You all better spoil mom like crazy!!  It is amazing to think how far you have come from last year. A year ago we were all at the hospital in Nashville with you every day. I am so grateful for that time I had with you and thankful for what you went through to teach me so much. You are amazing. This week has been another great week! We had so many miracles happen. We contacted a referral names James this week from our Zone Leaders, come to find out James is Kawa's best friend and they were both looking for truth and so we were able to teach them both on Wednesday with a member names Brent Sadleir. It was so awesome. The Spirit was so strong. They committed to coming to church and were really excited about it. The adversary is working hard on both of them though, they decided not to come and James claims he knows the Book of Mormon is not true. Kawa however hasn't said much. We are hoping we can reach out to him this week and help him remember the feelings he felt and knows to be true. Last week I had shift at the Mormon Battalion. There was a lady wandering around and I went and talked to her. She said that she was just waiting for her family to take the tour because she had already taken it. She asked to see the tower so I took her out there. She thanked me and went up to it. I had this overwhelming impression to stay and talk to her when she came back down. I started a conversation with her and asked her about her religion. She just started crying and said that she has messed up so much in her life and that she knew the catholic faith wasn't true, but that she did not know where truth was and that she had messed up her family because she does not know what is true. I talked to her and told her that her feelings were normal and that she needs to feel that way so that she won't just accept anything as the truth. I told her how I came to know that my church was true and then taught her the restoration. She loved it and when her kids were done with the tour she told them to leave so she could keep talking to me. Her daughters are amazing and we have loved getting to know them. We are meeting with them tonight and we are so excited!! Miracles are happening all around us. Another miracle is that she is in our stake and even though she is not in our YSA branch we get to teach her because we are the only English sisters in our zone. Heavenly Father just puts us in the right place at the right time to find those who are prepared. Another miracle happened Sunday night. Sister Salinas and I went to a fireside that Laura and her daughter Angleina were attending to, well we talked to her and then had a couple people come up and give us referrals for YSA so it was great, but we realized we had to leave right away to get home on time. We left and when I got into the car our tire pressure was at 6. I was freaking out and my companion who has never driven before did not know what that meant so she said, "Sister McKee it is going to be okay, we will make it, we only have 25 miles."  I was laughing because I knew she didn't know what it meant but I had the impression to just drive and have the faith that we would make it by our faith. ( I kept saying, "Sister Salinas, my dad would kill me if he knew that I was driving with my tire pressure this low.") However I asked her to pray and we went on our way. I could feel the tire swaying and swerving, but we kept going. We made it and the tire pressure was at 2 when we pulled into our apartment. It was truly a miracle. We called the Elder in charge of cars right after and he was in awe that we had made it home. I know that the Lord was helping us so that we could be obedient and be safe. We arrived at exactly 9:29 pm. I am so thankful for the faith of my companion. I was thinking about this experience a lot and how my companion had no idea what it meant to have our tire pressure so low, and she had so much faith that we would make it even though her companion was freaking out haha. It taught me a lot, it is so important that we first and foremost follow God and follow His promptings. He will allow us to be obedient and to achieve our righteous desires if we just turn to him. He just asks us to knock and he will show us the way. I am so thankful for the opportunity to learn and to grow every day here. There are so many tender mercies all around us. I get to call you next week yey! We call from the Battalion and I think that we get to choose what time. I get 40 minutes to talk to you all! I am excited! I will let you know next Tuesday what time I will call you! Just remember to keep smiling. We are working hard here and in exact obedience. I know that Lord is blessing us every day. I know this is the true church and the fullness of the gospel. We can always progress and help others to progress. Dad and Mom thank you for your package! I missed the Walkers because I was in my area, but they left me a note and the box! I am excited to open it today. Patti came to the Battalion last week too, but I was also in my area at that time. Oh and Elder Horner signed up to take us to lunch last week. I met his sister and brother in law. I am happy Angelee is home! I am going to miss being with you all this Christmas. Keep being the most amazing family. I am seriously so blessed. Thanks for EVERYTHING!! and Merry Christmas!! Happy Birthday mom!! I love you all:) :)
          Sister McKee:)
                                          Sister mckee and sister salinas

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