Friday, November 15, 2013

Week #2: The MTC

Hello Family!!!

          You all sound so busy as always, but just carrying on the great work. Time is so crazy here and I cannot believe that I go to San Diego a week from Tuesday!! Life here is great, I think that I am enjoying it a little too much, but seriously we learn how to be the best missionary every hour of our day so no complaining here! It is incredible. That is exciting about Grandpa, he is such a great man and tell him congrats from me! Mom - that is so awesome about your surgery! I will be thinking about you that day a lot and praying that it goes well. I am so blessed to have all of you as my family and I think about that every night when I look at the pictures I have of you all. 

         My companion is so awesome! She reminds me so much of Lindsay Hawkins and is just so funny, but super obedient and loves the work. We have been able to accomplish a lot together and get along really well. We laugh all of the time, but have so many spiritual moments together where we cry too haha! We are always on time. I will send a picture of us, hopefully soon! Last Saturday we started teaching a man named Joe and he is just golden. We talked to him about our church and he loves it. We committed him to be baptized the first lesson. Our teacher Brother Boddy  said, "Sisters, that is the most spiritual I have ever felt in a role play here at the MTC, and especially the first one you have done here! And no one has ever committed me to baptism on the first lesson, good work." We were so happy, but the Spirit just led me to commit him. We have had 2 lessons with him since and he is over prepared and ready to be baptized. Now we had another investigator names Lawanna, a black lady from Arkansas, and that did not go so well haha. She kept asking us to leave and did not want us there. She has cancer and is gone a lot too. We stayed persistent and left 3 Nephi Chapter 11 with her to read as she was telling us to leave. She said " Umm no I am okay" then finally she said "Okay fine I will take ya'lls book but there is no way I am reading that, don't come back." Well we did haha and she wasn't home. So we left her a note and candy. Then last night we went back and she just rolled her eyes, but we could tell her countenance was different. She let us come back in and we just talked and made a great connection and she trusted us. She allowed us to talk about the scripture that she read!!! She read the whole chapter and had questions about it and the Spirit was so strong. We taught her how to pray and she prayed and Sister Larson and I just started bawling because the Spirit was so strong! She asked us to come back and teach her, so we are going to teach her about the restoration tonight and hopefully commit her to baptize! Wahoo! It was amazing how the Spirit worked with us and her because we were persistent and didn't leave. Now, that is awesome because Lawanna is really a member playing herself when she got converted, so it is real. But even at the MTC you can have real missionary experiences. Some of the investigators are actually non-members and just need a job, but we aren't allowed to know who is and who isn't. So last night at dinner there was a lady sitting at a table by us in the cafeteria who was playing an investigator. I had this prompting to go and talk to her so I did and I just went and stood next to her and said " Hey where are you from??" and she says. "Tennessee, but I am from the Church of Christ so don't start talking to me about your church, I only have to listen to that during my work hours." I said " Tennessee!! I just moved from Tennessee!" Anyway we started having a great conversation and she went to Libscomb and freaked out when I told her I lived in Brentwood she and just moved here to Utah with her Boyfriend. She said that someone said the MTC was looking for people who hated the church to be investigators for us and she needed a job so she said why not! She just kept going on and on about how she is never going to join this church, but she Loves this job because everyone is so nice and nobody swears haha. We became friends fast and I am going to sit with her again tonight at dinner and get a picture with her and her email. She notices a difference as she is working at the MTC I can tell, but she would never admit it. She said, "Sister McKee, I think that I would actually consider letting your missionaries teaching me more when they come, but they say the believe the Book of Mormon AND the Bible. They do not believe the Bible or know anything about it, and it is a shame to say you do when most of you have only read or cared about the Book of Mormon. If you believe both are testaments from God then you should know both." I thanked her for her comments and said "Sarah, you have inspired me! I am going to start reading the Bible, but will you help me? I am leaving for San Diego in a little over a week so could I email you and ask you questions to help me teach?" She said she would and I am hoping that as I am emailing her in San Diego that she will want to learn from me as well as I teach her too. I am almost done with Genesis and excited to read it all again but differently this time so I can learn the most I can. It is amazing that because I lived in Tennessee she wanted to listen to me. I feel so blessed that the Lord trusted me to talk to her. I will keep you updated! I will see her around six.

         I have seen Justin Dance, Meghan Ray, Bridger West, Casey Orr and a lot more from Pocatello and Rexburg. Daniel Sprier just got here Wednesday too! I think we fly out the same day because I have an extra week. I have a great district! Our elders leave Monday for New Zealand. They are all just great elders. We start Visitor Center Training on Wednesday and we get to go to temple square and work with the sisters there for a couple days! Fun! I cannot believe we only have just over a week left. My teacher Sister Knowlton (Who is AMAZING!) is friends with Hermana Gold and Hermana Zullo and she said that she has been following our blog for the whole last year and freaked out when it all registered haha! I was so funny! I got asked to play the piano for an audition and we went in and auditioned yesterday and Sister Nalley ( Our MTC PResidents wife) was auditioning us and she said "McKee?!? Like Jared McKee's little sister??!?" I said yes! and she just went on and on  "Elder McKee was out favorite missionary, how is your mom?? We have to get a picture!" Just everything! It was so cute and funny. She wants me to meet President Nalley so she told me to get my companion and come find them and get a picture before we leave. She also asked if we were related to Rachel. I guess the are cousins! Crazy connections! So thanks to Jared for letting me be friends with our MTC President haha! Tuesday night Elder Perry came and spoke to us! It was mainly about companionships, it was really great and taught us a lot of things that we will probably need with our future companions. We got to go to the temple this morning! It is weird when we get to cross the street of the MTC haha. Part of our training this week  was taught by Brother Christensen who was Elder Christensen on the district who served in California. It was pretty cool to be with him. 

          I am writing super fast so I hope this all makes sense, but just know that I love you all and the church is true! It is amazing how the Spirit can work with us in every sense. If there is someone that comes to mind to invite to church, just do it. Don't worry about offending them or losing a friend. Just find a connection that you can make with them and the church whether it is families, church history or anything. There is so much we can do. Thank you all for your letters! I wish I could write you all long letters. Thank you Angie for your dear elder letter. The dear elder letters come the day of, so it is fun to get them and made my day! Just know I am doing great and I just cannot wait to get out to the field to find! Dad, I want to hear more about that letter from my mission! Sounds exciting. I miss you all a lot ,but I know I am at the right place and at the right time. Let me know what I can do for you all, probably not much here, but I can always try haha. I love you. 


Sister McKee

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