Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Week #39: Thank you!!


             First of all.. We just got Transfer calls! Hard to believe it is already another transfer! Well Sister Baker is leaving Helix AND the Mormon Battalion. She will be full proselyting. Crazy! I will miss her!! She will do great things with full time in her area though. I am going to be staying here in Helix YSA and training a new sister. I will meet her in the morning! I am excited. I think training is so fun. We are getting two new sisters tomorrow so I will let you know who it is next week. I will keep you updated. 
Thanks all for the great birthday wishes. I seriously had such an amazing birthday. I got way too spoiled here. I took a million pictures on Sister Baker's camera, but it is not working so I will have to send those next week sorry!! Sister Baker worked so hard to make sure that I had a good birthday. She is such an angel. I love her so much. She made me cupcakes and a bunch of the sisters surprised me in my apartment after running! It was just a great day.I got taken out to lunch by Elder and Sister Robinson a senior couple here. They took me to a super nice place too. I also got surprised with so many gifts and goodies from all of the sisters at the Mormon Battalion. People in my ward have done so much too. Also Elder and Sister Barnes the director gave me a couple meals at a restaurant in old town. I feel so blessed with cards and the Rasmussens made me amazing cupcakes as well. I am so blessed!!! I got WAY more than I should have that is for sure. I had a blast though. I have had such a great week! It was even better because we saw so many miracles at the Mormon Battalion and in our area. I took a japanese tour and they accepted a Book of Mormon and were interested. Also at night we met two amazing families. One family who grew up in Utah but are baptist! They said they know mormons and a lot of them and they like them. We talked for a long time and they started crying when we left they were so grateful. We also met a lady who is taking care of her parapaledgic ( I tried spelling that like 5 times.. ) niece and she just cried and cried to us. She was so thankful to us and she said, " I will always allow mormons to come in you are all so nice!" Small and simple things. Then to end my day off just right... I love to wave to people here and no one likes it haha! People are not like people in tennessee here. Well I was driving and a guy out of the middle of no where just waved to us! Seems like such a little deal but I was so excited! We also had a zone goodbye prayer last night as out zone leader  left today! so sad! 
            Sunday was such a miracle day! We had fast and testimony meeting and about 6-7 people came that we had invited .. most their first time or first time in a long time if they were less active. Well almost all of them bore their testimony and I cannot even tell you how strong the spirit was in that chapel. We were all in tears. It was incredible and the Spirit carried with us to all 3 meetings and everyone was so happy. We saw so many miracles that day and people who really truly had used the atonement in their lives and are ready to come back. I have been quoted over again by people after my testimony who said. "Just like sister McKee's parents say.. The gospel is a gospel of second chances." That has really rang true with so many people who have messed up but are ready to come back. That is what the true church is about. Using that atonement and improving ourselves every single day. I have felt so thankful to be a missionary and to teach people about this. Almost every single person got up and talked about how grateful they were for Sister Baker and I helping them in some way. It humbled me so much because I have not even felt like I have done much at all and it was such a testimony to me of how the Spirit works. We be obedient and do what is right and the Spirit will be there. I LOVE MY LIFE!!!:) 
I know the church is true. I love being a missionary and I hate how fast the time goes. It is insane! I love you all! Keep smiling!
Love, Sister McKee

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