Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Week #40: 9 months down-9 to go!!

Hello Family!

           Thank you again so much for the birthday wishes! I love them all! As you can see from my pictures I was not at all deprived on my birthday. Everyone spoiled me and I felt so guilty all day. Everyone here is amazing. I am so thankful. I am also so thankful to you all. I was unable to get the package however I think it will be here today. That is just so nice of you. Thank you so much. The work is amazing! Sounds like everything was great with the blessings and weddings and business as always! 

           Well my mission life has changed this week pretty drastically. I have been asked to serve as the new sister training leader here. It is crazy and a lot of fun. It is time consuming, but I am loving it! I am learning more to completely rely more and more on the atonement and on the fact that We are not alone in our companionship. Something else pretty weird is that I have also been asked to train a new sister from China - Sister Xia! She is called here on a Mandarin speaking assignment and she is amazing. She is seriously the Chinese version of Sierra haha. It cracks me up! These new assignments are going to be a big test for me with meetings and trainings every week while training Sister Xia. However I am so thankful for mom's email when she reminded me that we do hard things. and this is what reminds us that we are not alone in our assignments. Just please -- pray for me. I have been so humbled this week and feel extremely inadequate. I appreciate all of your love and help! I do not have a picture of my new companion.. Just imagine Sierra with a chinese face haha! Done. That is all. She is adorable though! Oh wait. On the pictures that I sent of all of the Mormon Battalion sisters, she is standing right next to me. She is a cute girl. She lived in Hawaii since she was 15 and she joined the church only 4 years ago. I have already learned so much from her and she is so patient with me. I feel so thankful. That would explain the pictures at what we call the Lighthouse. The directors took us to eat and discuss with the new and old sister training leaders. It was way more fun then we should be having on our mission. It was so kind of them though! I hope you got those pictures, the view was amazing. 
           Well even though we have not had time in our area this week, we are still seeing miracles every day. Adrian is getting baptized this Saturday! Wahoo! Finally!!!! It is almost for reals to.. We have to have his interview tomorrow and then it should be all good! This is interview #2. We have a former investigator that comes to church every week and we are going to be meeting with him soon! We are so excited because he contacted us this week. We will keep you updated. We have 4 with a date right now and they are pretty solid dates so that is exciting! Sister Xia has got the whole tour down at the Mormon Battalion and she is just such a blessing here. I love that girl. Our ward is doing awesome. People are really pitching in and fulfilling callings so well. I am so thankful. We have made a plan of action this week that the ward will focus on reactivation while the missionaries focus on teaching all of our investigators, especially with our lack of time. It has worked out so well already. Miracles are happening for sure. Most of our ward are recent converts which is great! 
            6 sisters went full proselyting this week including Sister Baker and Larson. So it is weird not having them around. As you saw, Elder Huffaker came by this week Also Gary Longmore and the Merrils who know dad. It has been a great busy week! When does school start for you all? I cannot believe it is the middle of August... Whoa... So crazy!!!

            This week will be exciting. We have what we call MTE's! Missionary Training Exchange. It will be an awesome time. We get to go and serve with the sisters for a whole full day of proselyting after meeting with the President. He will give us a training on what to focus on that day and We get to help each companionship work on those specific things for the day. It is awesome. Miracles always happen. That will be going on for about a month. Which is awesome! We had MLC last week and It made me miss ZLC's at the mission home in Nashville. MLC is at the church here haha so a lot different. We learned so much though. New rules being implemented and new goals. We have a goal to baptize in our zones every week! It will happen. The other day at the Mormon Battalion a lady walked in named Angie ( haha) She was so so nice. She told me that she had 10 minutes so I took her to the back and we talked about her life. She said she lives by a bunch of mormons and started to read the Book of Mormon. She said she loves it but has tons of questions. She loved being in the tour and committed to read the Book of Mormon every day and to pray about it. We were also able to give out a ton of Book of Mormons!
           Temple was awesome we got like 5-7 referrals and Sister Xia taught so much! there was a couple that was making fun of things and by the end they were crying and accepted missionaries. Super great! Well I love you all thanks for all you do. I will keep you updated. Seriously pray for me. I appreciate it! I will pray for you all too. The Atonement is so real!!! Use it!!!!! It is for everyone. 


Sister McKee:)

We took a 9 month picture!

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