Saturday, August 2, 2014

Week #38: Hello!!

Hello family!!

            Happy Wedding to Sierra and Brady!!!!!! I cannot believe that my best friend is getting married. It is surreal I am so happy she has all of you to be there for her!! She is amazing. Give her a HUGE hug from me this weekend!!  It has been a great week and sounds like it has been so exciting for you guys! I was so excited to finally find out the name of Kaydri! That is adorable! So Caroline, Tanner, Kaydri.. and another cute baby boy!!! I am excited to meet all of them. Try to keep them small! 
            Well this week there were a lot of people who I got told to tell people hi to! I love it but I have to right it down because the Battalion has been insanely busy haha. The first ones are Derrek and Stacy Sharp who lived in Pocatello and were in Jim's ward when he was the bishop. They said they love him so much! Then The Wawra family who know Justin Dabell and their daughter works with him at the PLay Mill! So if you see him tell him hi from them haha! Also the Matthews and Carlings from Filmore, Utah. They know Elder Lund and Elder and Sister Christensen very well. Especially when Elder Christensen was in their Stake Presidency! By the way.. Tell Elder Lund hi!! I would love to email him sometime. He will always be such an example/ big brother to me along with the other great elders in Nashville! And Elder and Sister Robinson who served in Hartford, KY in our mission came to the Battalion. The said they have so many other connections with playing in a band with Roy and Grandpa. And then the Jenks family whose brothers family lives in Riverton, WY and know Michelle and Travis! Also super fun because they know my friend Tyler from American Fork. So as you can see busy Battalion week! Which is so fun! Oh and I found out that a girl in our ward, Rochelle Leavitt, who is awesome, served with Aaron Horton in Chile! Crazy!
                We have seen miracles like crazy lately! Yesterday it was about 102 degrees and super humid. We noticed a name on our list that we hadn't seen yet and so we decided to walk to his house. Well we got there and he goes, "Sisters!? Come in!" We talked with him and he grew up in Utah and got baptized when he was 17 years old. When he moved to California he went to a family ward them stopped for 3 years. He said he had been praying to figure out how to get back to church and he decided to take work off yesterday because he was sick. Well we came right when he was normally at work. He was elated and he is so ready to come back to church. He said, "Don't worry sisters I am really ready to come back, I am not flaky with commitments like a lot of people are. I will be there Sunday."  It was such a tender mercy! 
               It is amazing how many people really are prepared. Andrea is going to be baptized next week! She has been inviting everyone from the ward to it and she is so excited. Adrian will also be baptized this month. We have seen a miracle with his debt that needs to be paid off and he will be eligible soon enough. We did a blitz last week for our Zone where we go and contact a long list of names for a specific ward. Well we were able to street contact a lot and we found 3 people who have been less active for years and their records are lost so we were able to refer missionaries over. God is so aware of us and the little details. Another miracle is that almost every single lesson we have taught for the last couple weeks has been with a member. It makes such a huge difference! We have been going on splits almost every day. It is such a good way for us to meet members one on one and help them get inspired to do mission work. I love it all. 
               Part of our calling here at the Mormon Battalion is each Saturday 2 sisters get to go down to old town and serve with the volunteers in old town and help them with whatever they need. Last week Sister Baker and I got to do it and we made a homeade stew on the first with biscuits and homemade cheese. Ya it was pretty awesome. I felt like a chef. It was such a good way to talk to the volunteers and visitors about the church and the Mormon Battalion. Dad - you would LOVE old town. Every single employee and volunteer have to wear old pioneer clothes and they have to live as if it were the 19th century. So literally we have to drink out of china, cook any food over the fire and make our own cheese and butter.. Which we did. It is the best. We get quite a lot of members who come there, but also a ton of less actives! They always recognize us with the tags and get reminded where they need to be. I committed a lot of them to go back to church. They will. 
              Wow so many miracles. I will end with this one. Another part of our mission is that we get to answer the chats for the people that have questions on Well Sister Sanchez and I got to do it last week and there is a guy who I had a great conversation with who accepted a book of mormon and missionaries. He lives in Utah and he has been curious about all this mormon chatter. He loves it and he just emailed me today! He has a lot of questions, but he will definitely be baptized soon. I am excited for him. I would love for you all to go to that baptism - maybe it will fall on a day where you are at a doctor's appointment. I love my mission. I cannot even believe it is August this week. Holy Moly!! Time is insane. Well I love this work. I love you all. I have been reading so much about the details of Christ's atonement and the pain he went through. It is amazing. I am in awe at all that he did for us. It is a shame to know how many people choose to disregard the fact that we are saved because of His ultimate sacrifice. I am so thankful that I know that and that I am able to use that atonement every day. I make way too many mistakes, but I know that I am progressing and that is what matters. We are all progressing and as we choose to be a little better each day we will see an increase. I love this gospel. It is true. If you are questioning that at all get down on your knees. He is real. I love you all. Thank you for being such an amazing family. I see the world in such a new light here in California. There is rarely we find an investigator who does not have a broken home. It breaks my heart, but gives me such a gratitude for what I know and where I was born. 
               Also, I heard about that Texas family. So sad. I have been keeping that 15 yr old girl in my heart and prayers. I hope that Jensen and Ean will get to talk to her someday. Good this the church is true. 

Have the best week! Tell Sierra that I love her so much!!

                                                             Love,  Sister McKee:)

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