Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Week #14: San Diego MB

HEY Family!!!

             Happy birthday to my cute nephews Gavin and Charlie! It has been such a great week of miracles! We met a less-active last week and he has not been to church since primary. He kept saying to us that he wants something different in his life and he thought he was happy but that he didn't know what that change meant exactly. We invited him to come to institute that night and he came! He said he loved it. He also came to Family Home Evening yesterday and said that he would love to start coming to church. He is such a sweet guy and knows the need for the gospel. He does not know much so we are starting completely over with him and we are excited for him to truly gain his own testimony of the gospel. At the Battalion I took a tour with a family of 5 who was with their grandfather. At the end of the tour, I said, "These men were able to overcome these obstacles because of their faith in.." And this man yells out Jesus Christ with tears in his eyes. I talked to him after the tour and he said that he does not attend any church because he strongly believes in agency and choosing for yourself to do good. I said that is perfect that is what we believe!! We discussed the gospel and his daughter who is 22 said," How can I learn more about this church!?" The grandfather also expressed his desire to learn!! I referred them to their missionaries and they are going to start taking the lessons. The amazing thing about that is they were just walking down the street and a non-member visitor said, "You have to take your family to the Mormon Battalion before you leave! It is something you will not want to miss while you are here." Amazing how the Lord works through little means to bring great things forth! We found out this week that Matt actually lives right outside of our boundaries so we had to pass him off to the elders in another YSA ward. He will do great, and we will get to attend his baptism! A new investigator Candice will be baptized a week from Sunday and she is so solid. We brought a less active to FHE and Candice gave him the tour of the church with us and she has only been there once! She is amazing and will be such a solid member of the church. She has already referred us to 3 people that she wants to hear the gospel. I have a feeling she may be serving a mission in a couple years:) This week I feel like my thoughts have been drawn a lot to last year and the pains of watching mom suffer so much. I have taught a lot about the atonement this week and it is a blessing to be able to testify of this gospel to people. I  know that thousands will be blessed because mom went through what she did as well. As we were visiting another less active this week there was a man on the street that we started talking to. He said he lived alone and that he was a "Church Hopper" because nothing had the truth. He said that last year he had a heart attack and he died, came back and went into a comma. I was able to relate right away:) He kept saying there was a reason that he was alive and he was figuring it out.  We boldly stated to him that We knew why. We explained the gospel on the earth today and he was so touched and said that he would learn and he accepted our Book of Mormon. He promised to read and he said" Please come back anytime. Even if you just need somewhere to eat please please stop by and say hi anytime." It was so amazing. So thank you mom for going through so much. His life will be changed forever and I know that he was receptive because I knew what he had gone through. There is so much happening in Santee and I love our Branch!!! They are all incredible missionaries and our ward mission leader and assistant are incredible they support us so much. They contact us almost every day asking us what they can do for us. This week I met Sherrie Ward. She knows my roommate Swiss really well and her family is from Almo, Idaho. I also met some very close friends of Aunt Jolynn and Uncle Bob. It was funny because the women reminded me of Jolynn and then they said they were from Tremonton and knew them really well! Roger and Gloria Nelson and Lynn and Trixie Ewer. Great people! Also I am glad to hear you got my gold! That family was so sweet:) Brittany Baker comes in next week! It is insane that transfers are already here. I am excited to be serving with her. She is such a cute girl!! Sister Salinas goes home next week too which is crazy! you will have to connect with her after! She is such an incredible sister. Tonight Clayton Christenson is coming to speak with us as missionaries and then give a fireside for investigators. We are so excited. It will be such a good night! We have a few investigators coming! Congrats to Kirsten and Mike! A girl! That is so exciting and Crazy!!! We don't even know what that means to have a girl. That is so exciting! I want to hear what names you are thinking about. And Steven and Rachel let me know what you find out this week too! Destini sounds awesome. She is going to be a movie star! How is Kiki doing?! Tell her I love her. I have not heard from her! Sounds like Aubs is dating like crazy. I am sure she is loving that! And Angelee leaves so soon!! How exciting! Time flies, it is amazing. Tell everyone hello!! Sounds like everything is going great in the ward too! I am still so grateful for everything that they have sent me, which was way too much! I have my cute pillow case with members of the ward quotes on my bed and I read it almost every night if I have time! I love it! Well thank you all for being such a great support. I love the work and I love being a missionary. It is insane how fast everything is going. I know this gospel is true and I know that member help is so important when it comes to missionary work! Think of ways that you can invite someone to something this week. Even if it just a family dinner and find the connection to the gospel. It is always there. I want to hear about your missionary opportunities and experiences and share them with the members here!! Thank you all so much!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!!!!!!

           sister Kylie McKee

PS: Here are pictures of our 10:00 pm candle light dinners after planning haha and The hot chocolate and granola bars left for us at the temple from members. It was so sweet. They wrote Sister on each cup and just left them while we were talking to guests. So so kind! Love you all:)

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