Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Week #16: San Diego


          Wow, Thank to everyone for letting me know about the Parrish family. What an incredible family, the Lord is really trusting them with this trial in their life right now. It is sometimes hard to accept the will of God and see an eternal perspective. One of my favorite analogies is from Elder Ballard's book , "Our Search for Happiness" It talks about imagining a rope across space and you cannot see either end but  you look and see a knot holding the rope together. This knot is symbolic of earth-life and the rope is before and after this life. Our earth life is so small, but so significant and I know that the Lord is so proud of Bill, Ross, Jensen, Ean, Keegan and Liam. And not only them but the whole Parrish family. Because they have chosen to make the right choices here on the small earth life. It is devastating, so so devastating and it is amazing to know that we get to rely on the atonement during times like this. Jensen is one of my closest friends and examples to me, she is so strong and has such a powerful testimony. She helped me through so much when we were at BYU-Idaho together. I will keep praying for this sweet family. I love them dearly! Please tell them I love them all so much and as dad says to expect the miracle:)

 This week has been a great week. Candice's baptism was on Sunday. It was a sweet baptism. Two members from the branch spoke and Sister Sanchez and I sang a song that her grandfather wrote. It was a spiritual baptism. We had over 40 people in attendance. Her whole family came and loved it! She was so shocked they came and it was a great surprise! She will be getting confirmed this Sunday! Well I am staying in Santee YSA and I am so happy!! I have a new companion Sister Owens!! She just got here last week and is loving it! She is so funny and we have a good time. She is a hard worker! She is from Palmer, Alaska! She has a super funny personality we love working together! Sister Sanchez went full proselyting so she is not at the battalion anymore for 2 transfers! It is weird to not see her! I took a tour with a guy from Inkom and his wife from Pocatello, they were awesome and he said he went to school with Aunt Margaret. His name was Craig Monson. Super nice guy. We said goodbye to one of our senior couples the Afflecks from Sandy, UT  and the Rasmussens just came in. They are staying in Patty's home here in San Diego. Super funny! Sister Baker from Pocatello is here and we are having a great time catching up. She is being trained by a great sister here Sister Dunaway who I love so much.

I cannot believe Angelee leaves this week!! Woah!! She will be awesome!! Sounds like her talk went well, holy moly she is so popular!!!! So many people came to see her talk that is awesome. She is the best! Koltin emailed me this week and he sounds great! It is so fun to know that tomorrow 5 of us will be out! :) I love it! Sounds like Brock and Tyler did a great job teaching the Mission Prep class, they are some great guys! Tell them hello from me! There are so many miracles that come from being a missionary. I have learned so much and I am so thankful to be a missionary especially at this exact time. Tell Sierra Thank you for my Valentine Package if you see her and Mom thank you for the package!! I haven't been able to open it yet, but I am excited:) I love this gospel and I know it is true. I love the amazing precious time I have here on my mission. Time is going by way too fast and  we are working hard here. Please let me know if I can do anything! I think that I am going to need to buy a GPS here pretty soon. I think I have enough to buy one, but I would have no Idea where to go for one. Any suggestions?! I Love you all so much!! Thank you for your love and support!


Sister McKee:)

Pictures 1-2: Candice who was baptized!
Picture 3: My new companion and I!
Picture 4: Sister Owens, Sister Sanchez and me!

PS-Angie leaves tomorrow morning for Ecuador! I will be updating a blog for her as well. 
Thanks! -Aubrey

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