Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Week #17: 4 months down, 14 to go!

Hello Family!

              I hope Mike had a good birthday and Happy Birthday this week to Rachel and Steven!! I still think that it is cute you have birthdays so close together and you are married.. :) That is convenient! You can always just celebrate on the 9th haha! Just kidding. But have a great week and do something fun!! Sounds like Charlie's baptism went awesome! Aubs had a stake talk! Whoa that is awesome. Very exciting I am sure you were able to help so many people with that talk! It sounds like the Parrish's funeral went well. That would have been overwhelming to see those four amazing people in caskets, but it sounds like Jensen and Ian are doing well. They are such great examples. Please tell them I love them so much and pray for them often. When people find out I am from Pocatello they ask about it and I can hardly talk about it, it is hard to comprehend, but I am so thankful we have this amazing truth that they will see their family again.

 We have seen so many miracles this week. There is a less active named Chris that we have tried to see since I first got to Santee. We have left a sticky note there almost every week since I got here. Well we went again last weekend and passed a guy on the way. We started talking to him and he said "I am not interested and I am busy so no." Well.. after that we decided to go stop by and grab something to eat and Sister Owens and I could not decide where to go and then we agreed on a place, walked in and there was that guy sitting down eating. We started talking to him and said, " Hey we just saw you! Can we come sit by you?" He said we could and we soon found out that this guy was the less active Chris that we had been trying to find for forever! It was such a miracle. We had a lesson while we ate with him and we were able to address his concerns and set up a return appointment. He is going to start attending the branch and he is excited. Such a miracle! Another miracle was last night. We had an appointment at 7 and FHE is at 7. Well the guy who we had an appointment with texted us and let us know he would not be home for about 30 minutes so we went to FHE for the first few minutes and introduced some less actives to the branch. Well, as we were about to leave for our appointment there was a guy outside in the parking lot, we went and talked to him and got to know him. We told him that Family Home Evening was going on inside and that he was welcome. He said he would come, we set up an appointment for tomorrow and we left, leaving him with our branch to get to our appointment. We got a call later that night from our Branch president's wife and she was just going on and on about how amazing this guy was and how well he got a long with everyone and loved the spirit there. He is going to be super solid. WE are excited. Sunday we were able to watch the CES fireside with people we brought that was from BYU-Idaho. It was an amazing fireside and Candice, who just got baptized came. The fireside was from BYU-IDaho and it was fun to see some friends on the screen, but what was even more awesome was the amazing message as it was on the Holy Ghost and Candice had just been confirmed that day. She called us that night with excitement because she said that she was afraid she would not feel the spirit and that tonight she could feel it so strong and she knows she is supposed to go to BYU-IDaho. It was so awesome and I am so excited for her and her new journey in life. She has gone out with us to teach a lot this week. Speaking of that.. We are so busy!! We have so many teaching appointments!! We have a list of 500 less actives we are working with and there have been so many reactivated this month. We also have been getting investigators and we have a baptism this weekend. Sarah who we started teaching but is in the mid-single adult ward now. She is incredible. Wow I could keep going on forever but we have to go! Just know that I love you all so much!! I am so thankful for the things that I am able to learn every day.

 My companion is doing great! She is super funny. Oh and at the Battalion Brother Parry came and I was able to give that tour and on the same tour was a guy named Brady Allred I think that knew the Watson's from Tennessee!! It was so fun to talk with him about some of my closest friends and it was cool it was the same tour because Mark Parry served in Nashville and knows the Watsons. Wow Miracles! I love being a missionary! I cannot even believe how fast time is going!!!!!!!! Keep me updated on everything and know I love you all and pray for you all so so much! When we stand up for what we believe in and are persecuted for Jesus Christ's name we are promised so many blessings. All of you are examples of that. Thank you!! 

Love you so much!!


sister McKee;)

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