Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Week #26: Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day to all the mothers in our family and future mothers and especially to my AMAZING MOTHER!!! You are incredible and I am so excited to talk to you! Wow it was the best week ever. We are seeing so many miracles. We are working with 13 investigators right now and they are all super solid!! We have added about 6 in the last week! So remember Victoria?? She is the one that is living with her boyfriend and goes to a crazy Christian church here. Well she came to church on Sunday and she loved it, come to find out she hung out with some members that night and she came to Family home evening last night and hung out until midnight!! This is crazy because she is totally in love with her boyfriend and is always with him or working. She came home last night at midnight to her drunk boyfriend and told him ," I know I want to be mormon." He got really mad, but was drunk so she didn't think much of it. Well just this morning we got a call from her crying and she said that she knew she needed to move out and break up with him and start over and she knew this church was right. She said she was on her way to the temple to feel at peace because she has been scared to death. We read some scriptures with her and had her pray over the phone and it was the most spirit led prayer it was amazing and she went over there and talked to her boyfriend. She called us after and said, " I did it.. I feel so numb but I know it is right and now I do not know where to go but I am so happy!!!" She said that her boyfriend walked right out of the apartment and was furious but that she is okay. It is amazing, prayer works and the Spirit is so real. She has a date for this month, and we might be able to move it up! :) She is amazing! 

Another miracle was with Chelsey, as you know she has been praying to figure out what to do with her living situation. We still cannot find a place for her to live and so we changed our prayer to soften her aunts heart! She texted us just barely and said, "Sisters! My prayer worked her heart is softened!" Miracles every day! We also were on the way to teach our new investigators Lauren and Dawn who are best friends and They were not home but their friend Alex was outside waiting for them. We started talking to him and he muttered " How come whenever I am going through a hard time mormon's show up." We told him exactly why and he said he knew this was a sign from God. He talked to us about his trials and that he knew God was calling him through us. We are going back this week! We also met Raphael this week and taught him the plan of Salvation. He loved it and agreed with a lot of it. He said as soon as he saw evidence he would believe everything. We told him that we have a huge list of evidences and that we will never pull any of them out because that is not how we know it is true and that is not how he will know either, he started laughing and said we have a good point and he committed to pray and ask with faith. Good man. We had 7 nonmembers at church on Sunday!!! We have also seen so many less actives come back. It is the best feeling in the world. So many miracles at the Battalion too! Wow! I love being a missionary!! Oh and last week we helped to teach the pathways class for BYU-Idaho! The class was teachings of the living prophets and I was so happy because I took that class at BYU-Idaho! It was fun to be on the other side of Student Support! Last week we walked into the institute and Dallin Fisher was there! It was so crazy!! He served in the Santee YSA Branch so it was great to talk to him about the people in the area that he wanted us to go visit! Also Greg DAvies came to the Battalion! I got a picture I will send it! Melissa Roberts came too and left me a cute note! And tell Jolynn that I met Lorraine and Matt Christensen from their ward, her maiden name is Hill and she said that she would know Bonnie Hill! Sister Owen's is doing awesome! This week is the last week of her training, so I pretend I do not know anything in the area haha she is just doing amazing! 

Elder Ballard was here Sunday for the CES Fireside, if you have not seen it yet go to lds.organd watch it! They video recorded us for the beginning, but only used a few shots however when you watch it look for my friends!! Buddy, Jaime and Odka! Also MY friends Brent, Even and Dallen were part of the fireside. They are great members of our branch! We have not been able to see it yet, but Elder Ballard spoke to us specifically as missionaries yesterday morning. It was so great! He really helped us to see a better view of an eternal perspective with each person we meet. The former mission president of the Alabama mission was there too, President Hasaffle I think! Dad, do you know him? He was great! Well I am loving my mission. There was so much more this week, but we have to get going! I could talk forever as all of you well know haha:) The work is hastening and I love it!! I know that the plan of salvation is so real. We get to live with our families forever and that is a miracle. I know every step we take every day will allow us to progress in the direction we want to go. I know the we have a modern day prophet and I love him and am so thankful to him. I know the teachings and authority of Jesus Christ are on the earth today. WE are so blessed! Keep looking for blessings in trials! Everyone has trials, but not everyone has the truth. Because we have the truth we know there are miracles in every trial. I love you all so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Keep smiling and I will talk to you Sunday!!!!

Oh and I just remembered that Elder Moore in my zone knows Angie from the Mexico MTC, he said hi and that you are cool! Haha he is a funny spanish elder!!! 

And wow my mind was blown the other day! I just found out that this amazing couple, The Afflecks, who already went home, know mom and dad in a round about way! They came back this week and it was a miracle I even saw them, but Sister Affleck's sister is Dad's mission president's wife!!! The Oscarsons! Sister Affleck said that they were talking and that her sister said, "Wow one of our first AP's Elder Mckee has had quite the life etc..." and told everything about mom and then Sister Affleck made the connection and found me! So weird! Anyway this couple is amazing and I can just tell that Dad's mission president was outstanding because of who their family members are. I love you all!

Love, Sister McKee

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