Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Week #25: End of April...What?!

HEY HEY!!!!!!

             Wow I cannot believe how fast the time goes by. It is May this week!! May!! I just barely got here so I do not know how that happened. Wow! There are amazing things happening. I love my sweet companion. She is a massage therapist so she keeps me unstressed haha I know I over think everything! I think I am known for that, but I am trying so hard to humble myself before the Lord and just let the Spirit guide me! I would love to hear from some of the Nashville missionaries about their favorite ways to street contact! I want to get creative because we have so many people that do not love it when people say hi here hahaha.. I love it though it is stretching me and molding me every day! I always think of dad's quote from Elder Packer now, " If you do not have any enemies then you are not working hard enough." It is so true. There will always be opposition, sometimes I just feel like it is more so in California haha! Which is great, it really is because there is a miracle in everything:) This week has been quite the week. Remember our vietnamese investigator Chelsey?? Well she texted us this week and she said, "Sisters I am so lost and I am getting kicked out of my home because my aunt does not care about me anymore. Could you help me??" Wow It was crazy and we have been trying so hard to help her. We have asked almost the whole stake, and nothing has come up, so we know it is the Lord's will that is does not happen yet, but when it does happen and she moves somewhere there will be so many miracles because she is so excited to be baptized! She is the sweetest person you will ever meet. We set another date for our investigator Victoria! She is so excited for everything and she is praying to know the truth. She is on such a great track! We are working with a ton of YSAs that live at the same apartment complex. There are so many drugs and crazy things going on there, but so many people ready to learn. We have been adding investigators often and 2 of those YSA's came to church on Sunday, Michael and Paul and they loved it. They are great guys! Satan is getting into so many peoples minds though, Katie is getting unsure, we know she will realize this is what she needs, but sadly we have to pass her off to the elders in Chula Vista. They will love her though. Keep all of these people in your prayers and so many more we are working with. The Battalion is still amazing. We see so many people every day and love it! I met a family of a guy who is a physical therapist and lived in Pocatello and worked at the same place Jared does but before he worked there. I forgot his name but it was awesome. We went on splits last week. Remember the amazing girl Abby that we started teaching forever ago who had not gone to church since primary?? Well she is at church every week and she comes out with us so often!!! I love that girl and she went with me on splits Thursday and we had an amazing lesson with a less active and afterward Abby goes, "Wow! Sister McKee this work is amazing and I love it so much!!" She just started dating an amazing member of our branch that just got home from his mission in Armenia. So funny! We have had some amazing street contacts this week too, miracles. One lady walked by us and was carrying a ton of stuff so we asked to help and took her stuff home for her. She said, " Are you mormon?? Mormon?? Oh my goodness this is a miracle!! I was born Mormon and I grew up Baptist, but I literally just prayed that I would be able to see some mormon missionaries walk by and I even asked for girls and well here you are!!!!! Girl mormon missionaries, I never thought I would see the day and here you are right on my street! Wow God loves me!!!" She was just crying and crying, it was so great to pray with her and get her information. We hope she will start coming back to church soon. Well The work is amazing. I get way too prideful and I have really been trying to humble myself more and more. I love this work and I love what is is doing to me. I know it is all true. MY testimony is strengthened more and more every day. Sounds like there are crazy weddings going on! That is exciting! Keep me updated! Tell everyone congrats from me! I LOVE MY AMAZING FAMILY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sister McKee

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