Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Week #21


               Happy Birthday today to Scott and to Angie this week and also to Brittany!!!! Birthday week!!! Also Happy April Fool's day! It has been such a great week!!! So so many miracles and we are just busy busy!! Sister Owens is incredible and I am so blessed to have her as my companion. She seriously works so hard and she loves the work and we just got transfer calls and guess what?! We are both staying in Santee YSA!!! I am so happy!!!! I could stay here my whole mission it is just the most amazing area and I love the work here. The branch has really united this week with the passing of our dear friend Sean. He is so missed, but we know the plan is real and that God gets to judge. We lost 6 sisters at the Mormon Battalion today! Weird!! Watch out for them there in Idaho and Utah they are great! We have dropped every single one of our investigators and it has just felt right! We have already added 3 this week with plans to add a lot more! We know this is needed and that those we dropped will come back at some point, but we have faith this is what is right. There has been so many people from Idaho because of Spring Break so I am not even going to begin to name them but it was so much fun to make connections. I took quite a few pictures I will try to send them. There was a cool miracle on the street this week. We had an appointment scheduled and it got cancelled so we tried to contact a potential investigator and on the street we started talking to a guy named David. He asked where we were from and Sister Owens said Alaska and I said Idaho. He said "Oh cool I want to move to Idaho and get away from California people, I love it there, I am hoping to be moving to Pocatello soon!" Haha so crazy! I told him I was from there and we stared talking about everything and he was so thankful I was "from the country" haha! He said that he had been hoping for something like this because he said the only thing holding him back from moving is not knowing anyone there. The missionaries are going to start teaching him too!! He agreed to meet and this man will be baptized I know it!! On Sunday we had 6 non members show up! 3 of our investigators and 3 that people had brought, we like to call them future members :) It was just so great!! They stayed for all three meetings and it was a miracle. We have 3 baptisms planned for April from our new investigators last week. Haily,another  David and Kim oh and Chelsey so I guess 4!! Miracles!! Seriously, I still feel so inadequate to be a missionary, but I know that we are receiving so many people to teach because of our obedience. Also we had a mission president's fireside on Sunday night. Sister sanchez and I sang together at it! It was so great to sing again, I have missed that. People kept telling me that I sing with a southern twang hahaha!!! I was not ashamed of that haha! Yesterday after our street contact we went to the institute and right when we walked in a guy walked in names Justin. He was a guy we had planned to teach last week, but he cancelled. It was a miracle because we had that exact time open for him. Even President Morgan in our mission presidency came with us to our lesson, we get to work with president morgan all of the time because he is the institute director! The lesson was amazing and we are planning to meet with him too. We had another investigator come in for her lesson and she walked in and said " Sisters I am done with this so here is your book of mormon and I have to go now." We tried to follow the Spirit and calm her down and she was just furious because " How dare [we] give her a book that was written by a man in this day to learn from and ask her to pray about it ..." We kindly asked if we could have a prayer with her and answer some of her questions. She relunctently agreed and the spirit came into the room. We talked about her questions and helped her to see some of the misconceptions she had been told. It was a miracle and we are seeing her again tomorrow! Satan is smart, but the Lord is wiser and will help us to guide these people to Him. I truly love my mission. I wake up every day so excited and Sister Owens does too! It is so great to be working together in unity. She teaches me a lot and we get to continue to teach each other while we teach others. Wow we are so lucky! Keep me  updated and know I love you all!!! Keep the work progressing in Idaho and Wyoming and Mexico!! You are the best family ever!!!


Sister McKee:)

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