Monday, April 21, 2014

Week #23: Happy Easter!!

Hello family and happy Easter!!!!!

                         I hope all of the birthday people had a great birthday haha! The mission goes by so fast. We are having interviews this week and President Clayton reminded us that we now have less than a year on our missions. Ya that is weird. I just barely got here!! I was so so sad when he said that. It is unfair how fast serving goes!! Wow and Santee is going and going!! We are so busy! I am so blessed to have served 1/3 of my mission here in Santee. If I stay here my whole mission I would be so happy!!! Which probably means I will leave soon haha but I am just loving every second of it! The good and the hard! This week we passed off some more investigators Kim and Hailey. We got a new investigator named Mark and he is on fire. He loves to learn and he really connected in the lesson. However, we are about to pass him off this week too. It is so interesting how the Lord works haha. Katie is doing great! She has a date for May 3rd and she is solid. She is so ready to be baptized and commit. However, she also lives outside of our boundary, but she is house sistting until May so who knows how that will end up working, but whatever our leaders tell us to do we will do! She is amazing. Chelsey Krystal and Justin are all doing great. Krystal is still skeptical about a lot because of what her Baptist friends have been telling her, but she wants to keep meeting, so we know she is at least feeling some what of a good feeling with us. Chelsey is out of town this week, but we will be seeing her soon. And we are adding a couple new investigators this week Victoria and Nora! They are awesome and we cannot wait to continue this build up! Miracles are so prevalent here! Our time was cut again last week so we hardly have any time in our area!! We usually try to teach about 20 lessons and we only were able to teach 10 last week. It will be different to adjust to more hours at the Mormon Battalion, but we know the Lord will allow miracles to happen as we do so. It really is a blessing and a sacrifice to be at a historic site! My dream is to take Santee full Proselyting! Wow that would be awesome. We set a vision for the area. Even with our short time, we know we can do this and we need your prayers and faith! We set a goal for 3 baptisms this transfer in Santee. We know it will happen! Please pray for us to have the faith and to be fully humble before the Lord so we can find those 3 that are waiting. We feel so good about this goal. We were asked to set greater visions and goals for our areas and we know that all things can be done with faith, because this is His work. Our director, Elder Barnes, asked if I would take his friends on a tour last week and I did and soon found out that I was taking the director of the Hawaii Temple Visitor Center who had just been released! It was a great tour and it was so much fun to get to know them! I wondered if Angie had met them before. Today as I was doing laundry we started talking to this guy and he loved everything that we were saying about the restored gospel. He said he wanted to learn more and that he wanted to discuss each page of the book of Mormon with the missionaries as he read it. He also is coming to the Mormon Battalion tomorrow! We had about 10 people from BYU-Idaho in our branch on Sunday because of Spring Break! It was fun to see everyone back that I had met in December! The senior couple in our branch are great! Elder and Sister Dalebout. They fed us on Sunday and we discussed the branch. They are such an asset and everyone loves them. Sister Owen's is doing awesome. I love her so much! She has caught on to a lot! I love that we get to learn from different personalities to help our own growth. Sounds like these babies are getting more and more ready to come. So exciting! That is crazy about Susan's daughterr. I hope their family Is doing alright. Amazing how prevalent tragedies have been lately. Thankful for the truths we have. This is an amazing cite to go to for easter. What a sacrifice our brother Jesus Christ made just for you and me. Just for each specific sin we make every day. He Loves and Knows us so much. HE is aware of our trials and wants to be there for us but we have to reach for him. "Faith without works is dead..."

       Please pray for Santee!!! We need the prayers especially because of our lack of time. we know the Lord with make up for the rest with all of these Prayers!! Miracles every day!!! When We doubt we cannot progress and I know that is true!!!!!! I LOVE MY FAMILY!!!!!! EACH one of you!!!! Hey and Tell everyone that hasn't written me to write me. Seriously! I miss you! Muah!!


Sister McKee:)

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