Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Week #24: Happy Easter!! (again!)

HELLO!!!! HAPPY EASTER EVERYONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


                                         Easter is such an amazing time to reflect on everything that Christ has accomplished just for each one of us. It is amazing to know that we all have a chance even in our many imperfections. I love this gospel so much and I am so thankful for Easter and the reminder of the great atoning sacrifice of Jesus Christ. This week has been amazing. We are extremely busy. We love being busy. We do not have full proselyting days any longer because of schedule things and that has been a weird adjustment. However, we are always booked with lessons which is great , however I wish we had more finding time too!! Just to give you a little bit of an idea of how busy we are, the normal goal for full proselyting missionaries is about 20 lessons a week. Well we have been averaging about 21 and we are rarely under 18 with less than half the time. We love being busy though it is amazing to watch lives just change so quickly. We started teaching a new investigator Victoria last week and wow she is amazing! She is 20 years old and she loved asking questions. She is ready to get baptized except she lives with her boyfriend. She knows what she needs to do though and we kept having faith and she said, "Sisters I know that I need to do something except I really love my boyfriend. I have been thinking about it though and if he is not ready to commit spiritually than that is not the type of person I want to be with forever anyway. I will keep praying and it will all work out, Don't worry." It was amazing. She is so committed to the truth and ready to learn more. She is willing to make a sacrifice because she understands the important blessings that come as we are willing to sacrifice. Katie our investigator is doing amazing. She is set to be baptized May 3rd and it is looking super great! She was crying to us in the last lesson and she knows this is where she needs to go in her life. Chelsey is super excited to be baptized as well, however she is scared to death to tell her Aunt. We are going to have fast for her date. We know she will be baptized. Mark is doing great too! He lives in another ward so he will be baptized there and Kim as well. Hailey and David are also striving towards baptism. It is amazing to see the many miracles! I wish we had more time though!! I feel like I just barely got to Santee and now I have been here almost 1/3 of my mission. It is insane. The time we have is so precious. We had over 4 less actives come to church on Sunday and they are doing awesome. The changes in hearts is the best feeling in the world. We had a quintet sing in our ward on Sunday. Collin - who was recently baptized sang with 4 other guys including our assistant ward mission leader Brent. It  was an incredible song and it made me miss when my brothers sang together!! Elder Ballard is coming to May and the CES broadcast will be here in SAn Diego and shown to the rest of the world. Our branch is going to be conducting the meeting and doing the music! So look for Brent Sadlier conducting and Dallin Abernathy on the piano! They are awesome. That will be such an exciting meeting. Especially because he is Sister Clayton's father. I was told that Dallin Fisher came to the Battalion on Sunday! Also Elder Allen from NAshville and Bill from my YSA ward in NAshville came this week. I also met Elder Dempsey's bishop! At the temple this week we met so many amazing people and gave a lot of people the book of mormon.So many are prepared for truth. We were walking down the street to our car one night and there was literally no one on the street except one girl on the side walk who had just came out and sat on the stairs. We started talking to her and she was very unresponsive. We then asked about her trials and she started sobbing and really opened up to us. She said she had just been praying for help and decided to come outside literally 1 minute before and here we were, exactly what she needed. It was an amazing miracle. We sent the elders over the next day. Sounds like Aubrey's JR. Miss went well. I would love to see pictures!!! :) We are doing great here though. WE come home super exhausted and love that! I know that this church is so true. I love the work. I am striving to be better every day and I cannot even describe how inadequate I feel to be the one teaching these amazing people, however I know the Lord is assisting us in this work. He is in everything that we do, if we allow him to be there. I love you all so much. This gospel will change lives. All it takes is one invitation. Invite someone even to a church activity! They will feel the Spirit there. I know that to be true and with faith all things are possible. Faith requires action. Keep being awesome and know that I love you. If there is anything that I can ever do for any of you please let me know. I will try to send some pictures!!

I love you!!!


Sister McKee

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