Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Week #20

Hello My amazing Family!!

                  This week has been great of course, but definitely the hardest week of my mission so far. Thursday morning we got a call from our Branch mission leader, Buddy, and he informed us that a member of our branch took his life the night before. His name is Sean Birch and I was very close to him. This guy is absolutely one of the sweetest guys in the whole world. I always told him he reminded me of home because he would wear his cowboy boots to church every Sunday. He would randomly just say, "Hey Sister McKee... You are Great!" And always made you feel like you were the most important person in the world. He would bring his future member friends to church all of the time. A counselor in our Mission Presidency President Morgan, who is the Institute Director at Grossmont where we serve, came and spoke to our branch on Sunday. There were over 60 YSA's in attendance and each one had loved Sean so much. There was not one dry eye in the audience. He spoke to us about faith and hope and the knowledge that we will see Sean again and that only God is the judge. Sean could not have been in his right mind and God knows him. It was beautiful. Afterward we had a luncheon to remember him and passed around a notebook. It was a sacred, solemn day and we are so grateful to have the Plan of Salvation and the knowledge that it will all be made right. And now we get to choose from this to act for good and help others and be that positive influence in their lives. Miracles are happening from that already. Sunday Sean's friend Hailey who had been coming to activities with Sean, came to church and sat with us. We are meeting with her tonight and she expressed her desire to join the church. Amazing. We have also seen so many other miracles. Last week we went out to eat with some sisters and our waitress got so excited when she saw us and kept saying "Hi! I am Christian too!!"  And got her whole staff to come and say hi to us because we were Christian. Anyway she came back at the end and we asked for the check and she started crying and said "Ladies, I have got it covered, I need these blessings and my only hope is that my daughters will grow up to have the light that you 4 have. So all you can do for me is pray for that and keep bringing your light to others." We gave her a Book of Mormon and talked to her about that light she saw. It was amazing. So many miracles. A crazy thing this week is that we have 7 investigators and we are passing off 6 this week to other areas!! They are all a street out of our boundaries in different areas and I am not exaggerating! It was so funny, but we love that we get to hasten the work in that way. However miracles come when we are obedient! We have already added 3 new investigators this week and they are solid!! We love them all and are excited to teach about this amazing gospel. Sister Owens and I are doing great. She is a funny girl and loves the work. She laughs all the time, but is willing to work! We are praying we stay together because transfers are already next week! Can you believe that?! I have a feeling that I will have many connections this week where it is spring break. It is still weird to me! The Cotants and Durrants from Chubbuck came this week and it was great to chat with them. Also the Wrestling coach at highland who knows the Bells very well ask you can imagine came through too! The Waddells from Corona are in the McDermotts ward and they came through twice. Very nice families! I am loving the work. Hard weeks teach us a lot because we get to learn from trials and with our eternal perspective keep pressing forward. You would all be happy to know that Sister Owens and I won the prize for Car inspections this transfer! All those car inspections with Elder Packer really paid off:) I knew exactly what they were looking for:) Thank you Elder Packer! I miss them! I often see Tennessee license plates and just smile! I am so thankful for my whole experience in Tennessee that has shaped me to be the missionary I am now. I am excited to meet the sisters that knew Angelee at the MTC! They will have amazing trainers! There are so many miracles and amazing things happening here in California. I never want to leave Santee! I now know what Elder Adams was talking about when he said Paducah is the promised land, except I am sorry to say that he has never served in the Santee YSA Branch and That is truly the promised land:) haha! Tell all those elders hi from me! I sure miss all of them! Oh and I am supposed to tell you to add yourselfs on the Santee YSA facebook page and Mormon Battalion FB Page because there are some pictures. I love you all! Keep being the best family in the world. I look up to you a lot! Brayden, don't drive into your mom haha! JK:) I know you are a great driver!!!  I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!! Keep the Birch family in your prayers and the Santee YSA Branch!


      sister mckee

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