Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Week #29: Helix YSA


          Happy 17th birthday AubreyAnn!!! That is so exciting! 17, wow! I hope you enjoy your last summer of high school.. That is weird.! Sounds like it has been a busy week of Lagoon, Missionary sleepovers, weddings etc... That is great! You all just never stop! We have seen so many amazing miracles this week. First of all it is such a miracle that Sister Baker and I are companions. It is so fun to be serving with a friend from before the mission. We have gotten to know each other so much better and We have such a great companionship! She is such a hard worker and has taught me so much. She is a great missionary and we really teach in unity! Must be a Pocatello thing, we are also both terrible at making decisions, which we also blame as being from Pocatello haha! She is super great though. We laugh all the time. Well wow it has been such a transfer of miracles!! Remember Kim who I taught in Santee? Well she is on fire and is getting baptized this weekend! However she got kicked out of her house on Sunday ( I feel like that is happening to everyone) They promised her she could stay until the summer and then they just decided they need her out early. It was a huge panic and what a tender mercy because the 2nd person we called we asked for their suggestions and they said that she is more than willing to stay with them. It was such a huge tender mercy!! Kim will be baptized this Saturday and Brent from Santee will be baptizing her. We are so excited for her and she is so happy! I love that girl. We also have 2 more baptisms coming up in June! Angel and Michael. We added 6 investigators this week and it already feels as busy as we were in Santee. We have 11 investigators right now! It is great and we love this work! Sunday we had 4 investigators come to church and they were participating a ton in class! They all asked some great questions and had awesome comments. In fact one of them asked if he could come every week and of course we said yes! He loves learning.
                We went to a less actives house last week and talked to him. He now lives in an agnostic home and literally every person there ( 12 ish people) are agnostic. However they are extremely open to learning and we had the best lesson on the restoration and we added 3 investigators from that home. We literally started out just teaching the less active and slowly a roommate would come and join us every 10 ish minutes! IT was awesome! They all think there is a God but they want tangible evidence so we talked about faith and its importance. It made sense to a lot of them and they all committed to first praying to know if God is really there. One of them came to church Sunday and he also went to Family Home Evening Monday! Miracles! Angel is another investigator who came Sunday! He is a golden investigator and loves this church. He will be baptized next Saturday! The work is flourishing here in Helix! 
                We have not had much time in our area with Mormon Battalion/ Missionary Training Exchange. Last week I coached The Black Mountain Sisters and it was so great!! I love MTE's miracles happen like crazy! We visited their members homes and challenged them to share a Book of Mormon with someone and they claimed they did not know anyone and we literally walked outside and there was one of their friends who was interested in the Book Of Mormon. So cool how the Lord just provides! We also had Mormon Battalion training this week. Brother Rasmussen came from Salt Lake to give it and it was AMAZING! It really helped a ton to remember that imperfections are necessary and that the most important thing is that we bring the Spirit into the lives of every single person that comes into the Mormon Battalion. This weekend we have a Young Single Adult training too! I love these training's! Well The work is awesome. I met a guy who served with Braxton Buffat in Honduras and Braxt was his district leader! Super cool. There was a guy who came in last week and said that I am related to him. He was a Petersen from Preston Idaho but He did not know us directly, but he is related to Spencer Condie and we figured out we are related somehow! Well the work is progressing every day!

                Weird to think how fast time flies. It is June this week! Wow!! Keep me updated. Sounds exciting getting ready to go to New York! That is one of my favorite places! That would be cool if you saw Cassidy there!

Well I love you all so much. This church is amazing. We are so lucky to have to truth and to share it. We are literally living in the restoration and this is an amazing time to be on the earth. Keep sharing it with everyone. We got reminded this week that members and non members need to be reminded of this. All of us our in it, not just those who are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Saints, but every person here on the earth!! We are so lucky that we are the ones who know and we are the ones who get to tell everyone else! Keep that in mind as you meet and pass by so many people each day. Try to just invite someone to something each day.  I LOVE YOU ALL!

Thank you for everything!

 I will attach some pictures of our Missionary Training Exchange!

Love you!

Sister McKee:)

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