Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Week #30: Life flies!

Hello Family!!!

            HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO COLLIN AND TRAVIS!!!! Hope it is awesome!!  You are all just so great, thank you for the many emails and letters! I love every single one of them and they each mean so much to me so thank you! Sounds like things have been busy busy!! Destini - That is so awesome that you are headed to New York!! Good luck, and remember not to forget about the little people when you get famous;) (Seriously- don't forget me:) ) And Kiara got asked to be captain for flag team next year!! Wahoo!! Man all of you are just incredible that is amazing. And Aubrey feeding those cows eh?? 6 new baby calves!! So much fun! It looks great! I would love to see pictures of the land! Crazy, Dad you just work way too hard that is awesome though I cannot wait to see it all. And human babies coming soon!! YEy:) Every baby that comes into the battalion I get so excited! Babies are the best!  Looks like lagoon was a blast! Michelle looks soo great!!! I just love my family, wow I feel so blessed. You are all such amazing examples to me. And sounds like Angie is just helping every single person she sees down there in Ecuador. What a great missionary you are. I am just so thankful.
           This week has been a great week. We are seeing miracles everywhere here in Helix. It is exhausting covering two stakes and the Battalion/ Temple shifts, but it is great! There is never a dull moment and we are finding prepared people like crazy! Last week was Kim's baptism! I will attach some pictures! It went so great! She is so prepared. She is moving to Wisconsin today so we are sending her records there! Brent from Santee baptized her and I was able to see quite a few YSA's from Santee like Buddy, Holly, Collin and Erin. It was awesome. I am LOVING Helix!!! It is a progress for sure but it is so heart warming to see these miracles and the ward is acting and fulfilling their callings and coming out with us! In fact we had a LA come Sunday and bare his testimony and kept saying how thankful he was for the sisters reminding him his responsibility and privelidge to now be a member missionary. He challenged every single person to do the same and boom! People have been awesome. We have truly gotten to know so many of them really close and they love serving with us. So many street contacting miracles lately. Last week we felt like we should go to a referrals house and we got there and we both just felt awful and felt like we needed to leave right then. We left and we were walking down the street in the dark and there was a man on the steps and Sister Baker screamed so I did too haha and this poor guy goes, "Wow am I that ugly?" haha! It was so funny and we started talking to him and he was so excited because he said that he had been going through a huge trial that day and just came out 1 minute ago for a break and there we were. It was such a miracle that whole night was. Another miracle is that he is in our district leaders area and they are teaching him and he is getting ready for baptism! Crazy how the Lord knows exactly where we need to be! Anna Kaelin( was)  and her husband Tristan from Nashville came to the Battalion yesterday! It was so fun to see them! Crazy that they have been married over a year now! Church on Sundaywas just great. There were so many people who sat with other people and got to know people they didn't know! Wahoo! So Joe our investigator came to church last week and we met with him this week. He said he was going to think about a date. We talked to him about it last week and asked about his thoughts and he said, "I know it is what I need to do, can we set a date!?" We asked for the end of June and he said that was too far away! We are excited to see him get baptized in a couple weeks! Angel is getting baptized next week too! Sister Baker and I are having a great time. We love being companions and we love it when people ask us where we are from. It is great! She is such a hard worker and we laugh all the time. She is dedicated and obedient and we love this work. It is fun too because this week we had a YSA training and Sister Barfuss was there so we all got together. The YSA training was awesome! President and Sister Clayton led us in a discussion. There were about 18 missionaries there and we all got to talk about what works and what doesn't work. YSA is a different work ( Not that I really know how a family ward works yet hahaha..) I was thinking about it and I have been part of a YSA ward every since I was 17. Super funny. I am okay with that though I love the work there! Well I hope you know that this work is amazing. It makes such a difference when the members are the majority of the work though and I hope you all will think about people to invite to something this week. Remember the eternal perspective of everything and that the sooner people have the truth the faster they will be able to share it with others and help the work of God hasten even more. They are also missing out on so many blessing awaiting them. I love this work. I know it is so true and I know that I am not alone. In Alma Ch. 13 vs. 24 it talks about angels preparing hearts to receive the message. That is all of us as members! We are all that angel to our friends, acquaintances and even those on the street and stores that we have never met! President Clayton always tells us to help the members see how easy it is to strike up a gospel centered conversation even at the clothing store! Invite invite invite! Just like dad always says!! Keep being awesome and do not forget the eternal pictures. I love you all. HAve a great week and write me plus I love pictures!!

I Love you!

Sister McKee:)

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