Friday, June 27, 2014

Week #32: Happy Father's Day!


       HAPPY Father's day to the best father in the whole word!! And also HAppy Birthday to the best father in the world!!! I feel so blessed to have you as my daddy!:) It has been such a great week. I am so grateful for my mission. I have been so humbled. I love every aspect of my mission. There is a difference of being a good missionary, being exact obedient etc...  vs. being a missionary that has truly and completely given themselves to God. given everything, their will, their thoughts their heart. It is easy to go through the motions and I get caught up in that, but I am truly now learning how to completely give up my will to Him. It is all about constantly changing and improving every single day. We all have the ability to change as part of our nature and that is why we are here on the earth to change and to grow and to become like Him and let Him lead us in every way. Being here in San Diego has truly shaped me in ways that I am so thankful for. 
          Sister Baker and I have seen blessings and miracles unfolding every day. Yes there are discouragements and hard times and we know that as we are doing our part to do His will that it will all work out. Sunday we had a couple new people at church and the members of the Helix ward are the best! They welcomed them right in and invited them to come over after and we came to Family Home Evening last night and they were there! It just reminds me how important fellowshipping is and not just to those whose first time it is, but those who have been there for every. We never know when someone needs a hello or needs to talk to someone and as we always strive to talk to people as if they are having a hard time we will always be able to help them. 
         Sunday morning we were at the Mormon Battalion and a couple walked in. They were not mormon and we started talking about the Book of Mormon. He said that he had been given a Book of Mormon by a co-worker a long time ago and had read the whole thing. Next he said, "How can I join your ward?" We had just been talking about the war for the Battalion so I said, "The war??" He said, "No your ward, so I can go to the temple." It was a  neat experience. He had never met with missionaries before and in fact he didn't open the Book of Mormon for years after his co-worker had given it to him. But he did at some time and because of that his life will be changed, not in his co-worker's time, but in the Lord's time. It is all about inviting. Inviting to do something. Whether that is coming over for dinner, coming to church, being baptized or just watching a clip. These invitations will help them progress more and more. It is all about change and us helping others change for the better. We have added a few new investigators and Adrian's baptism is next week, he is so funny. I just want you all to meet him. He cracks us up and Sister Baker and I are Always laughing! For example... He was talking to his dad the other day and he goes,"Dad are you going to come running with me tomorrow?" Dad- "Ya I think I can come." Adrian - "Are you sure? I don't want you to pull a Banana and Ice cream?" Dad - "What??" Adrian" You know, All of the sudden Split and then think it is all cool..." Hahaha so funny. I also laugh at everything but I just think he is great! I will send a picture of us with him soon! 
          We have been thinking about some cool trainings that could be done for the sisters at the Batallion. I remember some great ones from Nashville like lay it on the alter, the blindfold etc.. but I was wondering if any of you remember any cool inspiring trainings from your missions of anything else. I would love to hear some cool ideas. I know Scott  and Steven are always coming up with cool stuff so that would be awesome! Not that your busy with new babies coming in or anything... But if you ever get the chance I would love it! Speaking of babies! I am excited! I love this gospel. I have such a testimony of this work and I know it is true. I know we have trials for a reason and it is okay to make mistakes as long as we let them change us for good. I love you all.! Keep being the best family ever. 


Sister McKee:)

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