Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Week #31: 7 months!!


          Happy Birthday Collin yesterday and Travis today!! Wow another birthday, Travis how old are you now?? 37?? 38?? I should know this. but Happy birthday! This week was quite a week! I wish you could all come to the Helix ward and see the miracles that are happening, wow it is amazing. The members are incredible here and they are working so hard to bring this work forth here in Helix. Last week we got a call from a former investigator who wants to meet with us. We met with him and set a date right away. He came to church Sunday and afterward he went and hung out with all of the YSA's at one of our awesome members house. We met with him later and he is just so excited. With tears in his eyes he said that he could not wait to have the Holy Ghost as a gift and to be part of the Lord's true church. He said that he was almost baptized before but he could not stop smoking so the missionaries had stopped coming over. He said that he has stopped and that is is so ready to commit to the truth. He is a great guy! We also met with Michael who is an awesome investigator getting ready to get baptized! We met with him and he is working on his testimony of this being the Lord's true church, however he has agreed to progress to a date and to coming to church so he will get an answer. We are excited for him. Also, Joe came to church! Joe loved church and asked questions like crazy. He will hopefully be getting baptized in a couple weeks! Miracles for days! :) 
        Last week we got a call from a LA and he wanted us to come and meet his girlfriend so we did and she said that she is universalistic and does not really know about a God. We taught the restoration and the Spirit was super strong. We told her that she will know for herself as she asks God. The spirit was so strong and after silence she says, "I got my answer already, I had a dream that I got married to Jorge in a building that was white and with stained glass windows and the week after this dream he talked to me about the temple and I knew it was that." We got her with a date and that is awesome. She is prepared! So many more miracles. 
        This week I have also seen people like crazy! Including Hermana Hendrickson who lives here is CA, Elder Monson at the temple which was such a shock! I also saw Beth and Courtney from My Nashville YSA ward who some of you know! I will send a picture! I also got a cute note from Sister Murdock who came to the Mormon Battalion, I missed her but I was thankful for that cute note. 
         I have been very humbled this week. My whole life I have had a constant battle with trying to be the best and realizing that I have a long way to go to be the best. I have realized so much on my mission that this life is not about being perfect at all. If we were perfect we would never learn, never grow and never be able to become like our Heavenly Father one day. This life is about tests , trials and rising above opposition. And it is hard, but hey we can do hard things right:) As soon as we realize that Christ is truly our companion then the atonement is truly made manifest in each of our lives because he isn't waiting for us to get to a certain point and then he will take care of the rest, no way, it is about us using that atonement in EVERY aspect of our lives. We are not meant to do anything alone and as we turn to him our burdens will be made easier. I love in Matthew when it talks about His Yoke being easy and Burden made light. Now we get to act, we get to choose who is going to carry that yoke with us. It is so easy as we act. I know this church is true and I know that I am so weak and that the Lord is with me always, if I ask. So ask. I know he will answer as we act in faith and apply the teaching that we learn to our lives. I love the Lord with all my heart. I feel so blessed each and every day. I have made so many mistakes as you all know, and I know it is all okay because they have shaped who I am today. 

Keep smiling and reading your Book Of Mormon every single day. 

I love you:)

Sister McKee:)

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