Friday, June 27, 2014

Week #33: Transfers!


      It is transfer week once again! Sister Baker and I are staying! I feel so blessed to still be in a Young Single Adult Ward! I absolutely love it and the work here in Helix is booming. We love being missionaries too and being companions! Sister Baker is such a great missionary and I learn so much from her all of the time. 
        This week was so great! There was a Regional YSA conference here in San Diego so YSA's from everywhere were here! It was really cool because we had 4-5 investigators participate in a least 1 or 2 of the activities. They loved it! It is so great too because the members have been acting on their own and inviting people to hangout and inviting people to come meet with us and it is just a miracle! Last week we were contacting a referral and on the street we saw 3 YSA guys. They were just hanging out and we got out of the car and started talking to them. They were awesome! All of them are Christian and love God, but have some crazy lives. We taught the restoration and the plan of salvation and they asked a lot of questions. It was really cool and hopefully we can get them to church soon. Our biggest problem as YSA missionaries is finding rides for people because so many people live so far away and when they do pick them up you never know how solid it really will be so we are praying to figure out a better system! We would love any suggestions that you have seen work before. 
         Sunday was awesome because we had the Regional YSA Sacrament meeting. Our investigators loved it and there were a ton of people there! It was just a great spiritual meeting. Sister Hendrickson who served in TN said the closing prayer and she is actually attending Santee which is so funny. I was able to see all of the amazing people from Santee this weekend too and they are just doing so great. Adrian is doing awesome! He has his interview last week and he is progressing like crazy. He still has a few things to get worked out which is great! This week we added 5 new investigators. One of them is named Kevin and he has read the Book of Mormon and he loves it! He is figuring out a few things but he should be with a date this week. It was so amazing to talk to him. He was quoting Book of Mormon scriptures better than we were! I got a cute note from Sister DeBoer this week. She came to the Battalion and I missed her.:( This family came into the Battalion this week that told us a cool story of them gradually all getting baptized basically because they kept being told not to be Mormon so it intrigued them. Eventually their whole family was baptized as they learned about the church. They are getting sealed as a family this week. It reminded me of Emma and Emily in Nashville how they withstood all of that opposition from their other church. They are such good examples. Tell them hello!
              It sounds like everyone is so busy!! I cannot believe that about Grandpa.. That breaks my heart!!! Tell him that I love him so much and he is in my prayers. Also that is crazy about Alisa Woodland. Wow That girl is such a great friend. I hope she is doing better. I would love to email or write her. Tell them all I love them too. I want to see pictures of this shower too. Sounds like so much fun. I am so thankful to you all for being such a great support to me. 
           This week is President Clayton's last week. It breaks my heart because so many emotions come into my heart for the Clayton's when we went home last year and how hard it was, it felt like a dream and now it has already been a year. And then even more emotions come when I think about President and Sister Schmidt coming and the feelings that went through me when we found out that we would be moving for 3 years and our whole lives would be changed. I remember coming home from Salt Lake in December my senior year and coming home to the family waiting for me and I was freaking out, I had a death grip on Steven's arm haha! And then making what I didn't know would be the best decision of my life to come along with you to TN. I remember the first day coming to the airport and we were all so nervous! And then we found out later the assistants were spying on us haha. Oh man and now 3 years later who knew I would be here on my own mission. And because of the experiences I had they have shaped me to become who I am today. I am so thankful for that and I am excited for the Schmidt's to come with their children!! It is going to be awesome to know exactly what those children are feeling. I am excited for them. New changes are always good because we learn and get to implement those lessons into our lives at different times. I have learned so much from all of you!! I LOVE YOU ALL!

                    Thank you for being such a huge help to me. I love you and I love that we are all hastening the work together at this time! Keep smiling:)


Sister McKee:)

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