Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Week #35: Fourth of July!

Hey family!

      Wow it has been a great week!  Mary Jane and her husband Stirling came to the Battalion! It was so fun to see her. The Little's from my old area also came and it was so great to give these tours!! I feel so blessed with the great influences I have in my life! Sounds like the 4th of July was great for you all except still no baby for Britt haha! Hopefully she will come soon!! I am loving all these pictures of Tanner and Caroline!! What beautiful babies! We have been adding people a lot this week. We added twins this week and they are both very christian and they actually were curious and requested a Book of Mormon online. The love learning and they are coming closer and closer to a date! Adrian should be baptized pretty soon just waiting for some things to be taken care of! Cool thing too, Some Elders got a call last week from a guy who wanted to learn to play the piano, well come to find out he was a 25 year old who lives in our area and he got baptized with he was 16. His whole family are not members except for his dad who has been less active. This 25 yr old hasn't gone to church is a while! So we went over and met him and he asked who we know that he can take piano lessons from. Well I am the only person that I know that plays the piano in our area haha so we called President Schmitt and we are going to teach him piano with the lessons again! Super great and exciting! He came to church Sunday and he will be a huge asset to the ward. We tried contacting a referral this week and she was not home but we ran into the worker at these apartments and he is so nice and is excited to learn from us! He is from Iraq but is Christian and has been looking for a church! Miracle! 
              We serve in some way sketchy areas. Fights happen all the time and we get yelled at more and more. A lot of people are on drugs, in fact we serve in the meth capital of the world, El Cajon. So sometimes that is crazy but I do not really know when things are sketchy ( Like that time that I let a guy get into my car in Nashville..) I do not know what my problem is, but it really is amazing how the Lord is always with us in whatever we are doing. I am so thankful for that. 
             Our 4th of July was actually amazing. We were able to go down to the Old Town Square and help little kids with games going on ( The dream!)  I love those kids. It was amazing because I talked to so many people who recognized my tag and said that they "used to be mormon" So many less actives! I challenged them to come back to church and let the missionaries in. They said they would. I am excited for them. Miracles everywhere! That night was the most awkward night because we wore jeans and watched fireworks. It was so fun but it is really hard to not think about mission work haha! 
              Andrea is still set for baptism! Wahoo!
                    Well we have to go but I love you all so very much! Thank you for your love and sacrifices. Thank you for all taking care of the missionaries!!! The work is progressing every single day. I am thankful for the lessons I learn from trials and for my amazing family!

 I love you all! 


Sister McKee:)

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