Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Week #36: Hello!!

Hello everyone!!

               I hope that Jaren and Brayden had great birthdays!!! They are the best. What great nephews I have ( and niece now:) ) Sounds like crazy things are happening home with New York, sacrament meeting excitement, babies, cows, Sports etc... That is so fun though. I love hearing about all the hard work you all are doing!! And missionary work!! You are all the best. That is so great that you have been inviting non-member friends to assist in the firesides. What a great idea! This week I saw Kathy Stephans from Pocatello - she said she knew mom, dad and Scott I think . They own Party Palace! I also met an Elder Stone who served with Hayden McKee in California. And I also met the parents of Elder Sherard Lier who served with Scott in Costa Rica. So that was exciting! Also I just wanted to remind you of Angie's story with the mouse.. That is why she got called to Ecuador and that is why I did not haha. Just kidding, but seriously that would have been hard for me. 
              This week we have been able to go on splits with the members a lot which is just awesome for so many reasons. They are able to teach and testify and get fired up to introduce their friends to the church. This week I went with a member, Stacey , who is leaving for her mission in 2 weeks to Provo, UT - Spanish Speaking. She is awesome. We went to see a referral who is named Clay. Well we were walking down the street and we see this huge 6'6 guy walking toward us and I go " Hi! Are you Clay??" He goes, " Uh.. Ya... How did you know?" Anyway we kept talking and he is awesome. 27 years old and he loves the Book of Mormon. He knows it is true. He would be baptized, but he works every Sunday! So.. He is trying to find a new job and we know it will happen as we continue to have that faith. Another cool miracle. Adrian is still set for baptism! He he on fire and already a missionary. Our less active who wants to play the piano is awesome. He is learning so fast ( It is so much different teaching an adult piano vs. children ) And more importantly his testimony is growing fast too. He has come for 2 weeks now and has been a huge help in the ward. My tours this week have been incredible. Book of Mormons have been given out like crazy and many members who are visiting! 
               This week we have been reorganizing our ward because there are so many ward lists/ papers/ teaching records. We cover 2 stakes El Cajon and Sweetwater which is a total of about 12 wards. There is about a 2 hour span East to West and about a 45 minute span north to south. It is a huge area. We are trying to figure out the best way to go about with organization with half the time in our area. It is not easy haha but we are working hard. We are calling every bishop about the YSA's in their ward and we are about to see a miracle here in Helix!! We know that as hard as it is with half the time that if the Lord wants us there we will do what we can because He qualifies who he calls and I have seen such a testimony of that. 
              I know this church is so true. I know that we are given the Book of Mormon as another testament of Jesus Christ and I know that as we read from it every day we will find strength that no man could ever find without it. God is so aware of each of our needs and he is looking to us to be an example to everyone we see. We are all wearing His name and have since we covenanted to do so at Baptism. We must wear it well and represent Him in all that we do. I love this gospel and I love the opportunity I have to be a missionary. I have the best family and I get to be with you all forever. I know that is true. 

Keep up the good work!!!! I LOVE YOU!!!

Be safe!!!!


Sister McKee

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