Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Week #10: San Diego

Hello family!! 

             Mom thank you so much for the package you sent with the Bakers!! I was in my area when the Baker's came but I loved it so much!! The cookies are delicious and we are very thankful for them and the lotions/ necklace/ bookmark. I love them all!:) Transfers were last week and I now have a new companion Sister Sanchez!! I love her so much. We are a lot alike and we are just ready to work hard. She has been out for 2 transfers! We are both very new, but we are working hard and we are trying our best to be more consecrated to the work every day. She is from Goodyear Arizona. She is a chemical engineer and the sweetest person you will ever meet! She got transferred from Spanish Speaking as well, so I think I am getting the hint that I need to learn Espanol, Which I have been doing:) I love it! Well miracles are happening here in Santee. We have been meeting with many new investigators and we have met back up with Kawa this week and he is asking a lot of questions and really praying/ studying hard. He is a great guy and he wants to know what the truth is. He is very logical and he asks a lot of questions. We are relying on the Spirit! We tried to see Amber last week and when we went to her house, the lady she lives with told us that she is in jail:( I guess something went wrong with a court hearing. We do not know details, but we are hoping to visit her in jail this week. She should not be there too long. She has a strong desire to become a better person and we are not going to give up on her. We have over 25 less actives that we are trying to go and see this week too. It has been crazy! We are so busy. Our YSA branch meets across the street from a college, Grossmont, and we are not allowed to proselyte on campus, however the institute director/ 1st counselor in the mission presidency - President Morgan- has asked that Sister Sanchez and I head a booth there at Grossmont. We get to go on campus once a week and talk to students and invite them to come to activities, institute and we can teach them lessons if they ask questions! We are praying about when the best times will be and we schedule times for some elders to come to. We get to do everything for it. It is awesome because both Sister Sanchez and I have had so much experience leading different booths/ groups at BYU-I and her at ASU, so we get to use those ideas and implement them into missionary work!! I love it! We are expecting miracles with this booth. There was a group of students in our branch that went to BYU-Idaho this week just to visit. I told them to wave to Pocatello haha. There are so many that attend there who left from the branch too. Amazing! There is a sister here, Sister Tucker, who knows Sister Fowler and Siser Nordstrom! She said that Sister Nordstrom came and visited the Battalion before I got there and that she grew up with Sister Fowler. There was a couple that came to the battalion who works with the Hottels in Pocatello. Not the ones in our Chubbuck ward, but in the Tyhee area. I just know their daughter Brittany who was on my softball team. We are getting a new director at the Mormon Battalion next week. It will be so sad to see the Seegmillers go. They are incredible, but I know that change is good! Our leaders are not better or worse, just different:) It will be great to learn from new leaders and the Seegmillers will be missed. I hope the Macintosh family are all doing okay, that is so hard losing someone so close! I hope speaking and playing at the funeral goes good.  Sister Sanchez and I got asked to speak for Sacrament Meeting on Sunday. It went really well. It was fun to speak because we are both so new! I love our branch. So much! We spoke about the law of tithing and on hastening the work. We love missionary work and we are expecting miracles every day. It has been slower at the Mormon Battalion because the holidays are over, but we have been getting referrals like crazy. The Lord knows when to send his prepared children. I hope you know I love you all! Aubrey - Get better! I will pray for you, the flu is no fun. Tell Kiki and Des hello! I miss them! And all of you of course! I love you all!

Sister McKee

Oh and the couple that knows the hottels is Mary and Ron Van Veghel. They worked with brittany's dad at MARC and he said that the kids would cal him the "Crazy Old Guy" haha I forgot I wrote it all down. love you all! have an amazing week:)

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