Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Week #9: Transfers!

Hey Family!

              Sorry I sent everyone the pictures last week. It confused me and I realized I sent like 10 emails so sorry! So Surprise! We just got a call from our Zone Leader and Sister Salinas is getting transferred! We don't know where yet, but we will find out in the morning. I don't think there is any way I can overtake the area haha so it might be an interesting transfer, but I know the Lord is with me. It is just crazy that We are switching mid-training! I will miss her so much. She only has one transfer left. :( I know whoever my companion is tomorrow that she will be exactly what I need though. I have no doubts. Miracles are happening here in Santee. So as battalion sisters we all switch off cars every day according to our schedule. Well we got the car that didn't have a GPS and I know the area pretty well so we were okay, but we had one address I didn't know where to go for it so we pulled the car over and used a map. Well Sister Salinas sneezed haha and we heard someone say "Bless you! Do you need help?" So we looked out the window and there was a girl there so we started talking to her and anyway she sounded really interested in just learning more, but nothing more than that. We met her on Saturday and the lesson was awesome. She loved it and committed to going to church Sunday. A member picked her up and we had testimony meeting. We explained everything to her. Well mid-testimony meeting she got up and bore her testimony. She is a pretty spunky black lady so Sister Salinas and I just looked at each other praying it was going to be okay. It was the most beautiful testimony and she included that she was praying on Thursday for some guidance and then she was walking down the street and heard someone sneeze and realized we were lost. She said that was not a coincidence and she knew it and that she was going to find out everything about this great church. The members loved her and welcomed her. We met with her again yesterday and she is just on fire! She will be baptized in February and we are hoping to move the date up! She is amazing! Miracles! Another miracle is that one of our investigators Kalen has been not answering our calls or texts for weeks and he texted us and wants to meet with us this week. So Thursday! Wahoo! I will find out my new companion in the morning! TRansfers here are a lot different. The departing missionaries left this morning and the new ones come in this afternoon. We get to pick up the new sisters tonight and they will stay with us at the battalion. Crazy to think one transfer is gone. Time just flies! 2014!! Last week I received a package from Katy Winston which was so sweet! She made me cookies which were delicious. I also got some sweet cards from you all and the Burches and President Barfuss. I love them all. I am so blessed. please tell them all thank you! I will try to send more thank you's today! Pday flies by sometimes! Tell Hayden McKee that a YSA ward he served in had an activity at the Mormon battalion last week. The Tolmans were the ones I met and they just went on and on about him. They said he was such a great elder and left his mark there. I added to that and how great of a cousin he is! And he is getting married right?!? Exciting!! Tell him to write me! It is fun to have our missions so close. I just realized these past few weeks that I am serving in the same branch that Dallin Fisher served in when he was here. The Branch President and wife love him so much!! I also met a man who served in the mission presidency in Alabama. They said they knew about mom and that the mission president there had been with mom and dad in Florida for the mission presidents seminar. There has also been a few nonmembers visiting from Tennessee! It is always fun to make that connection. And as you probably know Patti was there this week! It was a surprise to see her! It always feels so weird to see people I know, but I was grateful to see her.  She also told me that the new senior couple coming in a few months is going to be living in her house. I finally met Elder Birch today! He is from Pocatello and is friends with Angelee and has a little brother who is friends with Aubrey. We have the same emailing schedule so he is actually here with me now funny! There is a sister that went home today that I want to set Elder Joel Brown up with. It must be done, :) so if you could have him email me asap that would be awesome haha. And I cannot believe Sierra is engaged!! She sent me a picture of her ring so I hope it is open knowledge.  I am so happy for her. She is amazing. You will have to all help her out for me since I will be gone for all the planning/ preparations/ wedding. Tell her I love her so much when you see her!!! Well I am loving the work. It is not easy,  but I am learning amazing things. We have started completely over with our area last week as we have had so many changes with people leaving so we are trying to visit every member and less active. The work has been slower lately, but we know referrals will come as we keep working hard with obedience. We are talking to everyone, but most of the referrals we send our out of our area, which is great! We love helping others in their work too. The church is true!! It is the best that I get to bare my testimony of this amazing truth everyday! Thank you for all being such a great support. I am very blessed. I know that I am learning so much every day. I know that I will continue to learn and I am excited for the future! In Genesis it talks about Lot and his wife. They were leaving the wicked city and were commanded to "Look not behind thee" Lot's wife looked back and turned into a pillar of salt. She could not progress when she looked at the past. I know that is true for us as well. Every moment is a new moment, every day a new day and we are able to progress and do better as we continue to look forward. I love this gospel! I love all of you so much!

Sister McKee

*Oh and will you ask Jared to send me Brittany's uncles information! I totally forgot the street name. Thanks a ton:)

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