Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Week #12: San Diego MB

Hola Familia!!

           How are you all?! I miss you all so much! I am so lucky I have you all. It has been a good week. One of the senior couples the Afflecks looked online and found a bunch of stuff out about mom and we talked to about it a little bit this week and she just kept saying how amazing my family must be and I agreed. It was a sweet memory to remember last Christmas and how we all came together and sleeping in the waiting room and so many other things that we did as a family. I am definitely very blessed. Thank you for being such an amazing family and for putting God first over anything. This week has gone by so fast it is insane. I feel like there is so much work to do and no time! We had commemoration this week too which was amazing. Commemoration is a celebration the city of San Diego has in old town to remember the day that the Mormon Battalion arrived to San Diego!! It is incredible and a lot of fun. It felt like pioneer days in Chubbuck, except it was here in San Diego with less members haha it was so great and such an amazing missionary opportunity. We were able to talk to a lot of people about Mormons! We had 1065 people come to the Battalion all day long on Saturday. It was so hectic and crazy! We loved every second of it! I will send some pictures of the commemoration. Sister Sanchez and I got to be Laundresses in the Parade because 4 laundresses made it all the way to San Diego. It is cool, because so many missionaries participate in this for the city. President Clayton and our new director Elder Barnes were there and they helped put everything together. Elder Holland's brother, Dennis also was here all weekend too. I was able to give him his tour and it was a lot of fun! He is a great guy. He is one of the people in charge of this commemoration. So great! I sent a few pictures of the commemoration. I met the Days who were a couple that served at the MB that taught Kirsten choir! and I also met a family there named the Jacobson's who know the McDermotts from Temecula. There were so many Idaho/ Utah license plates I thought I was there again haha. There were so many miracles this week. Sunday we had about 5 nonmembers show up and some that we are just going to start teaching tonight! We are excited! Miracles are happening and we are working so hard. We get to start a booth at grossmont campus next week. We are so excited! Ah! I love being a missionary. I really do. It makes me so happy to get to talk to people, get yelled at, and be persistent because of what I KNOW will bless there lives. It is truly amazing. At the Battalion yesterday a man came in with no hands. I talked to him for a while and he was amazing. He was so happy, and said he lost his hands in an accident when he was 12. So sad, but he has chosen to live a life of happiness. I asked him about religion and he said he was atheist and that I better enjoy life now because it will be over soon and he knows that none of the religions are true. He said that I can try to convince him all day but that he would never change his mindset. I boldly stated that I knew he was wrong. I told him that there is an eternal happiness and an opportunity for him and all of us to live with God again and I challenged him to listen to the missionaries. The Spirit helped me to be so bold and, amazingly,  he humbly said, "Yes, I will learn more." I sent the missionaries to him yesterday, and I know he will be baptized at some point. It is amazing how the Spirit can work through us when we allow him too. You all know I am not a very bold person, so I know it wasn't me, but I feel honored to have been an instrument in helping that man find his Heavenly Father. We are over halfway through this transfer. It is insane. I cannot believe how fast time goes. There is so much to do and I love it. I am so thankful for my family and for my amazing life. I am so blessed. This week I have been trying to improve my studying habits. I know that as we study with a purpose in mind that it helps us to learn and helps us to know what other people need from us. As you are studying this week will you all try to  think about a certain person/ topic while you are studying. I know it will help so many as you do this. Sound like you are all having such great missionary opportunities! That is awesome about Steven and Rachel's neighbors! Don't give up on anyone. I met a lady who had a son that served with Jared, however I left my paper that I wrote it down on at the apt. So I will try to remember that next week. Oh and I also met Nathan Allen's parents. They both came to the battalion and said they had met Steven during Les Mis. They were very nice people. Another miracle! We went to see Amber this week and she was not home, but we talked with the guy who owns her apartments and had a lesson with him. It was amazing. He said he didn't care to learn more, but we could feel that he needed that prayer and guidance especially that night. Little miracles are the best! I love you all. Keep smiling and do not give up on those less actives/ non-members. We have the truth and we have a responsibility to help everyone. This is a missionary church!

I love you all, 

Sister McKee

PS - Thanks scott and seren for the Christmas card & Mom and Dad for grandpas story! I loved it!! Tell Grandpa Hi please!:) 

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