Thursday, January 2, 2014

Week #8: San Diego

Hello Family!!! I hope that you had such a very merry Christmas!! It was so great to talk to you all. It was crazy how fast it went by, but I was so thankful for the time I had. Thank you so much for the advice and help you had  for me. I have had a great week! The Rest of Christmas we went to members homes and shared messages. We have been talking to everyone we see on the street and we have gotten so many referrals lately. Yesterday We were walking down the street and a man walked by and I said Hello! He said "Hey! That book in your hand, can I have it?? And Can I go to whatever church you go to??" It was amazing and reminded me of all of the prepared people out there. We referred him to the elders in our area and they are going to start teaching him today. Exciting! We have been slow in our area because our area consists of the Grossmont college students mainly and they are on break until January 30th. It has been a great time to focus on the other people who stay during the holidays though! We will go find them all!! There are about 10 members from our branch leaving to BYU-Idaho this week. They will be missed in the branch because that is about 1/5 of the branch. We keep seeing miracles everywhere. We passed off Janey to the elders last week, it was pretty sad and she was not happy. We are meeting with a new investigator tonight his name is Tommy. He was so excited to come to the sports activities the branch has to offer. We are excited to watch him want to learn more. The Battalion has been extremely busy!! My tours have almost always been over 25 people. We had 1045 people go through tours on Sunday! Amazing! It is crazy to think this is the last week of my first transfer. I cannot believe how fast everything goes by. I am so thankful for the opportunity I have to serve. This gospel is so true. I have written on my desk, "It is not about me" in big letters and I have been trying to be bold with piercing clarity as I am teaching and street contacting. Thank you mom and dad for those words of wisdom. I am so lucky to have parents to help me along this journey. I had temple shift on Saturday and there were so many people there from all over the world! Kate came with her family and Axel!! He is not the little baby he used to be! I missed them and it ws great to be their tour guide! I saw my FHE brother Mark from BYU-Idaho and then this girl came up to me and said,"I know you!" Come to find out we had met at general conference 2 years ago! Her name is Sarah. She said she remembered us talking there. I remembered her after a while! Crazy! Caitlyn Robbins was also at the temple with her In-Laws the Schows. They all say hi! It was weird to see their Pocatello License plate. My MTC Visitor Center teacher Sister Wilkinson was also at the temple. She is great. She 

will be getting married next year, but it was so fun to see her and remember all of the things I was able to learn. Sister Salinas is still amazing. She just really realized she only has a transfer left, but I am not letting her think about that! Oh and it is amazing how God just takes care of the little things. I have been praying for time to fix my camera because there is not time to do so on P-days and Sister Salinas camera also broke so we were going to go in together, and last night we were planning when to go fix them and we both turned our cameras on and they were both fixed. That is such a little miracle, but it meant so much to both of us. God is aware of all of our needs. I am really happy here. Yes it is hard, but I know that I am not making this journey alone. In each of our tours we talk about the amazing journey these men made. They walked 2,000 miles because the Prophet of the Lord has told them to. We are also walking our own 2,000 miles everyday. We are going to come across sicknesses, trials, opposing forces, however we can do it. Just as these men did, so can we. I know that as we continue to press forward with faith , hope and charity that we will have that eternal happiness. I love you all so much. Christmas talking to you just reminded me how blessed I am. Heavenly Father knew that I needed each of you to learn from. And I have learned so much that I appreciate. Thank you for supporting and loving me. I love you so much!!


              Sister McKee

*Oh and I got way too much stuff! I feel so blessed. Thank you Mom, Dad, Angie( My Hawaiian chocolate is already gone... yum! oh and what was your friends name that serves here?? I think I saw him haha) , Aubrey, Kiara, Destini, And if you see and of these people please tell them thank you!! Tricia and Scott Galer Family, Kris & Shane Bell family, Brother and Sister West, Josh, Breanne and Noah Bishop, Amanda, Marshall and Kezman Jensen, The YW in 2nd ward, the ward members and so many other people! I wish I had them all here with me so I could say everyone!! But know it was greatly appreciated!!

Pictures: Getting my package from Mom and Dad before Pday.. waiting to open it!  First day with my trainer/ companera! I will send more next week! Bye!

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