Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Week #11: San Diego

Hey Family!

         It has been such a great week! So much is happening and we are seeing miracles everywhere. Last week we were able to meet back up with Amber and she is doing better. We are hoping we will be able to keep that date for the 15th. At the Battalion last week I was talking to a family and they said they were from Riverton Wyoming! Anyway, come to find out they know Travis and Michelle well and their kids are in their ward in Riverton. Their names are Dennis and Diane Tippets and their son Bruce and his wife Stephanie Tippets are in their ward. They said they knew Travis so well and they kept going on and on about how amazing Travis is and how much help he had given to their son. Sounds like Travis has made a huge impact on their family. I told them I was not surprised at all because Travis is one of the most serviceable people I know. He always helps people out and is extremely humble about it too. I also told them he was my favorite brother in-law:) I also met a man named Russ Sturges who grew up in Pocatello and his family moved to Inkom. I told him I am sure my family knows some of his family haha. I also met Sister Jergensen who served in Nauvoo as the Missoin Presidents wife. She said she know the McMinns and Ricks very well. Very sweet lady. So many miracles are happening here. I love my companion Sister Sanchez. We are working so hard. We love the work and we talk to everyone!! I gave a tour to a family from Salt Lake and they had a huge family. It reminded me so much of our family. It was neat because some of the family was not LDS and some were. It was a great opportunity to find out more about them and why they chose to not be baptized. They said they have been relying on prayer a lot lately. I know they will come to know for themselves the truth. We had interviews with President Clayton this week. about 8 of us in our zone were sitting in the foyer talking to Sister CLayton when a man came to the door and said, "Hi my name is David, I was wondering where I could go to find out more about this church and what the beliefs are." It was amazing. We all taught him the restoration as we switched off interviews. We had a lesson there and he loved it and the first thing he said after was "What time should I be at church??" God is preparing so many. We also got a referral last week for a lady named Sarah. She is 32 so we had to pass her off the the elders, but we taught her a couple lessons and she loved it all and came to Stake Conference on Sunday. We had a fireside that night and she couldn't go because she had dinner plans. Well , after stake conference, she turned to us and said, " I am cancelling dinner plans, can I come to the fireside?" Amazing. The elders are taking good care of her, but we are expecting her baptism soon:) We usually have to pass off every one we meet who wants to be taught because we are only YSA, but yesterday we found so many prepared YSA on the street and we cannot wait to start teaching them. We have so many less actives and we are visiting like crazy. We get less time in our Area because of MB so we decided to start going on splits almost every day we can with our members so that we can get more work done!! We are so excited, and it will also strengthen the members and their missionary efforts. We love it. we are going to challenge 2 people a week to give out a book of mormon. We started last night. I cannot wait to see Santee YSA Branch expand!! We are ready for miracles:) Tell Destini congrats!! So exciting!! Sounds like Aubs is dating away!!! How is Kiki loving colorguard!? Love you all!!!!! Is there anything I can do to help any of you?! I was reading in 2 Nephi a lot this week and it talks about us not being the servant of God, but being His friend because His friends know the truth, and we know the truth and are teaching it. I love that concept. We must allow the Savior to be our friend, and tell him about our struggles our hard times. He wants to hear from each one of us and knows what we are going through. He wants to help us, we can ask for that help and he will give it to us. Have faith and keep smiling!! I LOVE YOU!


 Sister McKee:) 

* HEre are some pictures of my and Sister SAnchez! I will try to take more, I forget! Love you

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